Personal Training in Bristol for Pregnancy, Post-natal and Menopausal

I’m Vicki Hill, a qualified personal trainer, a licensed Holistic Core Restore® coach and Buggy Fit trainer.

I work with women from pregnancy through to the menopause!  My main emphasis is on educating and helping you, especially if you have a diastasis, a dysfunctional pelvic floor or are wanting to get fit again post birth or even after a hysterectomy.

I offer 1:1 personal training and body assessments as well as a different range of classes and an online programme you can do at home.

No matter what your physical condition before pregnancy, or how long you’ve left it since, my holistic approach to pre and postnatal personal training will get the results you’re after.

Whatever stage you're at, I can help


I offer 1:1 sessions and fitness classes. Every pregnancy is different so we can take it at your pace, doing whole body exercises and being aware of any pelvic girdle pain (SPD) or sacroiliac pain.

New Mums

Give your body time to heal in the 1st 6 weeks post birth.  I start offering classes or 1:1 personal training from 6 weeks post birth or 10 weeks post C section. I offer the Holistic Core Restore ® Everywoman course as a 1:1 or a Diastasis programme.

Beyond babies

Exercising safely, while focusing on the core and pelvic muscles is key to learning to love your body again. I offer body posture assessments, the Holistic Core Restore ® Everywoman and Diastasis programmes.


Whether you are Peri-menopausal or going through the menopause, you might find that exercises you were doing have stopped working to keep the weight off. I  offer advice on changing your activity and improving your nutrition to help you reach your goals in the healthiest possible way. I also offer the Holistic Core Restore ® Everywoman  course as a 1:1. 

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Body Image and how we see ourselves

  As we start a new year it always makes me think of new beginnings and how so many people try to change so much, try to lose weight, start something new and punishing …… but why do we feel we have this need to ‘improve’ or make ourselves ‘look and feel better’?  We are…
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Watch this quick video from Vicki all about her Athlete 12 online programme & how easy it is to do anywhere at a time to suit you!
For more information about the course please click here -
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The sun is out! 🌞What a great weather day to start the week! Crisp, cold and sunny - great for Buggyfit!
Tues - The Downs at 11am -
Wed - Horfield Common at 11am -
Fri - St. Andrews Park at 11am -

Wrap yourselves and your little ones up warm, in lots of layers -
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Zooming or chillaxing your way into the year? - Today my day started on the Downs with the ever faithful Mitzi .... & hubby!! Such a great start to the day which if course is helped by having the sun on your face. I hope you have all managed to get out and enjoy the fresh sunny Sunday? Here is my newsletter about what we are getting up to ... ... See MoreSee Less

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Are you like me, and sometimes life is so busy you are not sure how you fit everything in? Having said that, do you think you could squeeze in a 20 mins workout about 3 times a week?

A quick workout will increase your energy levels, clear your mind and increase your fitness all at the same time!

Perhaps switch the workout for one of your guilty pleasures (e.g. trash TV or social media scrolling!)

Why not give it a try and don't take my word for it take a look at some of the feedback which we shared yesterday.

All info about the course can be found here -
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Without Vicki's careful planning, constant encouragement and support, I would have given up a long time ago.

- Laura S

You do so much to get us mums on track- you’re a force of nature & nobody should have a baby without a bit of Vicki rehab!

- Jo (Buggyfit & Core & Restore)

Educational Talks

As one of the Bump to Cradle experts, I regularly deliver talks to mums-to-be on a range of subjects including the importance of looking after yourself in the fourth trimester (ie. post childbirth), nutritional needs for breast feeding and recovery, and how to start reintroducing exercise. I also work with the Clifton and Hotwells maternity services and am a part of their New Mum talks.

Want me to speak at your event? Get in touch for more information.