26 March 2014



ImageEat the healthy fats and plenty of them ladies!

There is so much goodness in avocado, coconut oil, different varieties of nuts (not salted or roasted though!!) & olive oil. Don’t avoid these essential fatty acids as they will help boost your energy levels rather than dull them like sugar does. I know when breast feeding you often crave sugars or suddenly need something sweet, so allow yourself a small treat, but not necessarily daily and remember you will get a high and then get the slump soon after. Try and eat more vegetables at a meal, fill the plate with curly kale, broccoli or salad and importantly don’t skip meals as if you are breast feeding your baby needs these nutrients from you too.

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Are you a woman who has pelvic girdle pain? Do you have pelvic floor issues? Have you had a C-section, episiotomy or tears? Do you have a Diastasis Recti or weak deep abdominals? Are you peri – menopausal? Do you want to get fit in a safe environment? I can help, get in touch to find out more.

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