02 May 2014

Quick Fire Exercises to Do at Home with Baby


Do you really want to lose your post baby weight? Do you really want to mend your split abs? Do you really want to get a stronger core? If so, you can’t just think about exercises or think that by going to one class a week it will mend and do everything you need to do! I’m afraid you have to do some exercises, even just 10 minutes every other day to actually see results. Here are some quick fire exercises you can do with your baby watching/ sleeping nearby!
1. 20 – 25 Squats – focus on big exhale & engaging core when pushing up to stand.

2. Box press ups – on knees (newer PN mums/ those with split/weak abs). Or legs more at a slant for stronger abs & really strong/very Post natal full press ups!  ALL stages MUST engage core.

3. Bridge – on back, knees bent feet near bum. Push up through pelvis & bum, engage pelvic floor, deep abs & bum. Hold till bum hurts! x 3 – 4  Then do x10 fast!

4.  Prone lie (lie facing downwards) exhale & draw tummy off the floor!  Better than a plank!!

5a. Single leg extension (newer PN) – on back, 1 foot on floor, exhale as you extend 1 foot, touch floor with heel & bring back – swap legs.

5b. Intermediates – Both feet off floor, knees up. Exhale as you extend 1 leg – watch your tummy isn’t rising & make sure your back isn’t pushed against the floor. Need to have neutral spine.

LAST & MOST IMPORTANT – no matter how PN you are DO YOUR PELVIC FLOOR EXERCISES!! Quick pull up & release (20 fast), Draw up & hold counting 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi etc (do 8 – 10) release. Then do the lift up to 1st floor, 2nd floor, 3rd floor & slow release to 2nd floor, 1st etc.  Breathing so, so important in pelvic floor  –  in all heavy lifting/movement try and engage pelvic floor & big diaphragmatic EXHALE !!

Still not sure which fitness class is for you?

Are you a woman who has pelvic girdle pain? Do you have pelvic floor issues? Have you had a C-section, episiotomy or tears? Do you have a Diastasis Recti or weak deep abdominals? Are you peri – menopausal? Do you want to get fit in a safe environment? I can help, get in touch to find out more.

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