13 May 2014

More on sugar!

I know I keep on about sugar, but I wanted to share more information about it to encourage you to really think about what you are eating  – in the different forms of sugar.  I did a Cancer Rehab & Exercise course a few years ago so I get emails about health, foods & cancer. This article I am going to post is from one such newsletter I subscribe to and about how in the UK unfortunately not enough is done to put people off sugar.  I know from the course I did that sugar was discussed then and how it helps to speed up cancerous cells growing.  So I still question why more isn’t being done about getting the large food corporates to cut sugar in their every day foods.  So here we are, the link from ‘Junk Science’ – makes you think! You may have to copy and past  http://www.junkscience.co.uk/tag/tian-xu-of-yale/

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