08 July 2014

When to eat & what to eat whilst exercising

When to eat … before or after exercising? What is best to eat… before or after exercising? Carbs vs protein …. which is best?!! These last few weeks I’ve had my more post natal mums who come to my evening Fitness class (6mths PN & upwards) telling me they eat before the class so they can eat with their toddlers. Some get a stitch, some say they then pick all night afterwards, so ta da another good issue to chat about in the next newsletter. This doesn’t just apply to those much more PN it applies to all those who exercise and aren’t sure when or what they should be eating! In fact this applies to anyone wanting to know the basics about nutrition and why we need carbs (the right ones), the best fats to cook with and eat and myths that are constantly leaving you unsure whether you should or shouldn’t be avoiding certain foods.Lets start with when you should eat & what is the best foods to eat before or after exercise.