19 August 2014

How full fat foods can help you lose weight & slow the ageing process


How full fat foods can help you lose weightYes, I mean try and eat full fat yoghurt, proper butter and full fat milk!! Our hormones are made of fat so we need to support them and slow down the ageing process which we can do by eating the healthy fats. I’m not saying go and eat lots of cakes and biscuits as they are the wrong fats, no go and eat nuts, avocados, full fat yoghurt, cheese but just watch the portion size. It’s probably really, really hard to stop buying diet coke or low fat spreads or cheese or yoghurt if you have always bought the ‘diet’ or ‘low fat’ version!
It is worth trying to add the ‘good fats’ like seeds, nuts, avocado, olive oil, full fat cheese, eggs to your meals but it is important as with anything you eat to actually watch the portion sizes! Fats will help satisfy hunger pangs – especially if you have protein with it. Fat is the only food that won’t trigger insulin release – insulin actually speeds up sugars conversion to fat, which then settles in the wrong areas i.e the tummy!

If you try and eat protein with fats then it will help prevent the body breaking it down into amino acids & sugar in your body. So try this simple rule with doing the exercises I have given you. Try them for a few weeks and try and be strict with eating the fats with protein and just see what happens. Cook and eat the coconut oil or olive oil with your foods, add nuts, seeds, avocado to your salads. Don’t be scared of it, just moderate how much you use and just see what happens!! To lose weight you really do need to be doing a hard push of exercises/fast walking at least 4x a week – just a 10 minute, get your heart rate up session!! TRY IT and see what happens!!

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