07 October 2014

Ideas for Healthy, Quick Breakfasts & Snacks


Boiled egg and soliders.I ask my clients/mums all the time …. Do you eat breakfast?  I know most of you have a crying baby or toddlers all over you or kids to get to school or you’re just rushing off to work so your breakfast is often overlooked.  Overnight your blood sugar dips so you need long lasting energy to see you through the morning.  Protein is the best as it keeps you fuller for longer, but if not aim for the slow releasing carbs – oats. If you take anything from this, remember most cereals have lots of hidden sugar so you feel full to start with but get hungry a few hours.  Here are some quick breakfast ideas: Boiled eggs; natural yoghurt with berries & some oats; oats, cinnamon, blueberries, nuts & seeds with natural yoghurt; unsweetened seed mix museli; porridge with a banana & seeds; avocado & spinach bagel; vegetable & fruit smoothie/juice; brown toast with natural peanut butter or marmite; all types of eggs & smoked salmon.  A lot of these breakfasts are really quick and can be had as a snack too.  Often the worst time to snack on sweet foods is between 3- 5pm, so have some of the above. Or grab a handful of mixed nuts (unsalted); a few oatcakes with cottage cheese, natural peanut or almond butter; 1/2 an avocado;  a boiled egg or just a few pieces of chicken.  You need your energy to keep going for your kids, so remember your health is as important as your children’s.

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