07 October 2014

Winter Exercises

Exercising in the rainSo, we are getting back to our darker evenings and will no doubt soon be experiencing colder and maybe wetter weather!  Please don’t think this is a reason to stop going for walks or use the excuse your children won’t go out in the rain!! I don’t mean to be harsh, but I’ve been working with mums for the last 7 years and have heard all the excuses!! So, why don’t you just set yourself a little target each week?  Be realistic, if you have a really hectic week ahead then you may only be able to do 2 or 3 walks/classes etc.  So my advice is to get the diary/calendar out and put in a suitable time that you and baby/toddler can put a coat & trainers on & the rain cover on the pram. You can set a little route, maybe even arrange to meet friend who also wants to do some exercise and both of you go out for a 20 – 30 minute hard core walk around your local area – parks are best.  So long as you get a bit out of breath & a bit of a sweat then this will be really beneficial.  Your baby will also be getting out of home for fresh air & something different to look at or have a good nap!  If you are stuck at home, look at the little circuit I gave you from the last newsletter, do 20 squats, press ups, abs heel taps, go up & down the stairs 5x and hey presto a little bit of exercise!!