09 December 2014


Happy last newsletter of 2014 to you all! I hope you are all ready with presents bought …. or at least thought about and just beginning to think about food that you will need to buy over the Xmas period.  This will be a light-hearted newsletter & I wont be making you feel ‘too’ guilty, just a few little titbits of advice to keep you on the straight and narrow as the festive period really kicks in.  Remember ladies, it is about relaxation as much as anything, so do make sure you get time out and some ‘you’ time – no not eating the whole box of Quality Street!! So, we’ll look at my Buggyfit Bristol Advent Challenge, new class dates for 2015 & a look at the year ahead in 2015.

Finally,  I would just like to say thank you to so many of you who come to my classes and work so hard at my sessions.  I love meeting so many different lovely mums and I hope you all feel you get something out of the sessions.  So, here is to a very happy Christmas and a very healthy 2015 to you all x