16 January 2015

24 Days of Christmas Challenge Winners!

Congratulations to those of you who had a go at this and did 1/2 or most of the challenges.  I’m still hearing of people carrying on with the hot water & lemon!! Keep that up ladies and just make it a part of your morning routine, it’s such a good morning cleanser and actually alkalises the body rather than making it more acidic.  One of my clients has her little 3yr old getting her ‘lemon squeezy’ for her in the morning!! Impressed!
Ok, so I am going by the ladies who reported back on FB, sent photos and who managed to do almost all of the 24 days of challenges.  The ladies are: Maud Renooij (The Downs Buggyfit), Becky Kay (Horfield Common Buggyfit), Jessie Maunuel (The Downs Buggyfit).  I’ve had positive comments from others of you who have enjoyed it and how it has given you a focus. Watch out for the next (shorter!!) challenge!!  Winners get a little prize!!  Well done everyone who had a go.