16 January 2015

Latest Healthy Eating Option


I don’t believe in dieting and yoyo diets really do not work, you tend to put more weight on when you have finished it or certainly in the long run.  So those who know me well know I say MODERATION, everything in moderation & generally using the 80:20 rule of healthy vegetable, proteins, fats etc 80% of the time and then the ‘naughty’ less healthy 20%. I’m a firm believer in we only live once so enjoy it and if you can manage to eat a little chocolate/wine & then put it away and not go back and eat/drink the whole lot then great.  Most of us find this very hard!!  The latest ‘diet’ (in the sense diet is a way of life rather than a restriction) is about eating fats – nuts, avocados & yes even red meat and butter but in smaller quantities and always with some protein.  The minute you eat sweet food or foods which turns to sugars – refined carbohydrates, we get insulin spikes.  So when insulin spikes and goes up it moves the glucose (sugars) to the cells to used as energy, so you are burning calories from sugars rather than fat.  Sugary food and carbohydrates produce the highest levels of insulin whereas eating fat actually doesn’t trigger insulin release at all so our body burns fat to give us energy.  Also, some of you may have heard of ‘keytones’.  Basically, these keytones are released when you start burning fat and actually supress your hunger and also when we eat fat it slows down how fast sugar is released in the body so you don’t get the sudden spikes of blood sugar levels.
I could go on for ages, but hopefully this has explained it in an understandable way.  The thing to think about is not going full out and cut all carbs out, but cut down on the breads, pastas and potatoes as they don’t help when you are trying to lose some weight.  You know how I feel about sugars so just remember to check all food packaging and anything ending in ‘ose’ tends to be sugars!

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