06 March 2015

How to get motivated & start exercising


Here’s what you have to realise: Exercise is all mental

You can do these very short, quick workouts.

No matter what kind of shape you’re in, you can start doing  HIIT workouts today. It doesn’t matter how many breaks you have to take, how many reps you can do or how much you have to modify an exercise just to be able to do one single rep.

All that matters is that you try — and that you really, truly give it your all.  Here are some tips to stop you from procrastinating and start getting in good shape.

Getting started is the hardest part

If you’ve never done a workout like these ones before, that moment that you decide damn it, I’m finally going to actually try one of these workouts — that’s always the hardest part.

But you just have to take it one step at a time. Throw on your exercise clothes, lace up trainers and get the timer going on your phone! ……. There’s no backing out now.

You’re going to do this.

That first one is always the hardest.

It gets easier, I promise.

Aim for to 2-3 times a week to begin with

If you’re just getting back to exercise don’t try to do too much at first. Doing these HIIT workouts just a few times a week is plenty for beginners, and much more than that will leave you feeling to sore to accomplish much else.

Aim for two or three times a week at first, and make sure to do something active on the other days as well, such as go for a walk, a swim, play footie with your kids

Then, when you feel up to it, try adding another day or two.

Learn to listen to your body

When you engage in vigorous exercise after not having worked out for a while, it’s inevitable that you’re going to be sore from it.

So you just have to deal with it.

Soreness is not a bad thing. Sure, it hurts, and it may make it hard to walk up the stairs at times. But if you continue to work out, and make sure you stay active on the days you don’t do the exercises, keep mobilised.

However, there’s a difference between being sore and something really being wrong. If you feel like something is “off,” if you’re extra fatigued, or just have a gut feeling you shouldn’t be working out today, don’t.

Learn to listen to your body and what it needs, and you’ll lessen the chance of injury and overtraining.

Make sure you’re eating right

You can’t expect your body to become strong, fit and healthy if you’re not giving it the right fuel.

This means if you’re trying to lose weight by starving yourself, you’re not doing yourself any favors. Not only will your metabolism actually slow down, your body will try as hard as it can to keep the fat you have (and I’m guessing that’s not your goal).

Plus, if you’re not eating right, you won’t have any energy to actually work out.

So what exactly does it mean to eat right? Here’s a few simple rules to follow:

  • Include protein with every meal
  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables every single day
  • Eat a blend of protein and carbs after every workout
  • Eat whole foods (a.k.a. not processed foods) whenever possible
  • Eat small meals throughout the day

Some easy HiTT exercises to start with

Easy: 10 x 20 secs hard then 10 secs easy
Squats, step-ups, lunges

Harder: 12-15 x 20 secs hard. then 10 secs easy
Burpees, sprints, knee-unders/mountain climbers

You can do it

It’s time to stop making excuses.

Because it doesn’t matter if you’re fat or thin. Young or old. A seasoned athlete or a complete newbie.

You can do these workouts. You just have to try.

Still not sure which fitness class is for you?

Are you a woman who has pelvic girdle pain? Do you have pelvic floor issues? Have you had a C-section, episiotomy or tears? Do you have a Diastasis Recti or weak deep abdominals? Are you peri – menopausal? Do you want to get fit in a safe environment? I can help, get in touch to find out more.


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