06 March 2015

I’m off on sick leave in April

Ok I just wanted to let all of my present attendees to my Buggyfit, Mums, Bums & Tums & my evening classes know that I am going into hospital for an operation on Monday 13th April.  This will mean I will be off work for a good 6 weeks.  I am really hoping that it wont affect my classes too much as I have been working on getting the classes covered.  I am already working with Laura (who runs Fusion Fitness) and she is working with personal training clients with me at present.  She and Helen – a post natal pilates instructor are both pre and post natally trained and will be covering some of the classes.  I am afraid I will have to probably stop the Mums, Bums & Tums classes until June . Hopefully Laura and Helen can cover the Monday, Wednesday and Friday Buggyfit sessions.   I will be reminding everyone on Facebook – Buggyfit Bristol nearer the time.  Running club will carry on and I am hoping Fitness class on Thursday evening will also carry on.  I will keep you all posted via email and my Facebook pages:
Facebook – BuggyFit Bristol
Facebook – Vicki Hill Personal Training