27 January 2016

The need for Vitamin D

Dark and dreary days & today it hasn’t stopped raining!  Anyone been out for very long?  This time of year especially, we all really need to start taking or thinking about taking Vitamin D.  We mainly get it through the sunshine – mmmm not seen that in a while!  If you buy supplements be aware of what you are buying – cheap is not the answer.  So please do get some good quality supplements – take note if you saw about it in “Trust Me Im a Doctor” the other evening (you should watch it – some good topics in it!)  I use a reputable organic company Natures Sunshine and buy all my supplements from them as I trust them and like their ethos.  I have an account so if you want to get some quality Vit D ask me as I get it cheaper than on the website!  Gotta be useful for something hey!!
“Trust me, I’m a Doctor: Episode 3”