03 April 2016

Massaging Scar tissue & the right oils to use

Coconut oil for alternative therapy
Coconut oil for alternative therapy

Scar tissue forms when our body’s tissue is damaged – like after a C-Section, Episiotomy or other injuries to the muscle, tendons or ligaments. It is a normal healing process but some have more ‘lumpy’ scars than others. Massage can be helpful to loosen up the ‘tight’ area around the scar. It offers greater mobility and less stiffness in the area of the scarring as the treatments begin to take effect with more blood flow to the area. I know ‘Bio Oil’ seems to be the oil pregnant ladies are told to get – to help prevent stretch marks, but it is expensive and massaging a good Vitamin E oil, caster oil or coconut oil on your skin will be more natural & probably more effective. Ladies, its all a big hype about Bio Oil – it has very few natural ingredients in it (look at a comment from the article below)!!  I’ve Just found this article which basically sums up the complete farce it is and it is so expensive too!! What is bad about the bio oil is the preservatives it has in it. This oil is meant to stay on the shelf for about 8 years, that means it has lots of anti-rancidity agents, perfume to overcome the rancidity smell, anticaking agents to keep oil without sedimenting, it has lots of silicone to get the non greasy feeling…

If you have a C section scar then invest in Caster oil which goes deep or a Vitamin E oil or Rosehip oil or a natural cream or oil with Comfrey in it – all natural menders!  Please advise your pregnant friends use one of these natural oils.  Ask in the health shops (Neils Yard, Scoopaway, La Ruca, Wild Oats or the Better Food Company are a few in Bristol).

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