03 April 2016

Spring into releasing and strengthening!!

Spring has finally arrived! So it is time for no excuses and to use the longer evenings to get out and have some ‘ME’ time whether its out walking or going for a jog or even a meditation & stretch in the garden!
Charlotte and I went to an excellent Womens Health conference the other weekend with some very inspiring and knowledgeable speakers. What I came away with was they were ALL talking about the importance of releasing the tight tissues & diaphragm to enable you to start strengthening & incorporating the deep relaxing breathing with it. Felt quite chuffed as most of you know I go on about ‘Exhale on Exertion’ all the time!  It is the essence of getting the deep core activated and stronger, so no matter how post natal you are – you are always post natal even if your kids are 15!! THINK Abs as you lift, get up or lean over & of course EXHALE ON EXERTION!!