27 June 2016

Engineered running leggings to support the pelvic floor

I was fortunate enough to meet the inspiring lady Yvonne Brady at the Womens Health Conference back in April. This lady is an engineer who had kids, had pelvic floor problems but wanted to run. She used her knowledge to create the newest MUST HAVE sports leggings, shorts & Capris – EVB SPORT (www.evbsport.com. Independent testers have found them to activate the core muscles, engage the pelvic floor and offer support to the back for increased muscular strength and performance. There has been such amazing feedback from ladies who have had pelvic problems & bought them. So if any of you have sore hips when running or maybe are still slightly having problems with the pelvic floor when exercising then these are a perfect way to support you. You know I always say you shouldn’t be running if you have a weak pelvic floor(!!) but i know I cant stop some of you – so those who don’t listen and just want to get back running – these would be ideal!! If you put this code in when buying then you can get 10% off:  Vicki10.   I have a pair of size 10 to be won so check out my competition!