27 September 2016

New Mum 30 minute Assessments

Due to so many enquiries for me to check abs & for advise post baby exercise I have set out times in my diary to offer 30 minute Assessments.  In the assessment I will check your abs – the size & tension of your gap, advise you how to push the buggy & lift the car seat whilst supporting your pelvic floor & back and importantly look at your posture.  I offer information on the best foods for optimal recovery after a C section and talk about the oils to use for massage & about tears and the pelvic floor.  It is for anyone who feels they would like an ‘MOT’ from 6 weeks after having a baby. Remember though, everyone is different and for some the gap can and tension can improve by 12 weeks PN whereas for others it can take much longer.  I always say, it is about the ‘tension’ not necessarily the gap which is most important.  I still see many ladies with ‘gooey’ gaps in their abs who have 6 year olds – you are still post natal and if you work at the correct exercises you can strengthen the deep abs – you do need to be prepared to do homework though ladies!  Get in touch if you would like to book in.  It is £25 for the assessment with exercises to take away.