27 September 2016

Post School Drop-Off Classes

img_1714Over the summer I had time to assess what is happening with my business, who I am aiming to really help and who else I want to support!! I have a number of ongoing classes, but I wanted to make sure I continued offering ‘educated’ classes for all mums, not just those with babies but to continue to offer the more ‘advanced’ sessions. I had been asked a few times if I could do a similar ‘fitness’ class in the day, as the Tuesday and Thursday evening classes I have been offering for the last few years. So, I have now got another lovely group of ladies who have signed up for my PSDO class! Yep, its the Post School Drop Off – literally dump the kids and get a quick effective session done and dusted in 30 minutes.  I’m hoping my new recruits are enjoying it (!!) as much as I am.  As always it is not just about working so hard on exercises that you are sick (not my thing) it is about a gradual program of increasing fitness, overall health & to feel good about yourselves.  I still talk about the pelvic floor  – yep STILL my main topic of conversation, so too is the deep transabs. I offer alternative exercises for any injuries or those who do not have a good functional core.  Nutrition is as always an important topic of conversation and having a private FB page has meant we can all chat freely about food, what is best/not great to be eating as well as sharing the photos/videos of exercises to do at home.  It is a smallish group …. it means I can check you are technically exercising correctly & there are 1 or 2 spaces left so if you are interested then email me