19 December 2016

How to survive the Christmas Season!


Are you an old hand at celebrating Christmas with a few too many drinks parties? Or a new mum having a few celebratory drinks with your NCT friends? Here are a few little health tips to not spoil your fun with family and friends this Chrimbo:

  • Drink water – alternate alcoholic drinks with a glass of water with fresh lemon. Or have a large glass before you go to bed!
  • Eat before going out – if you haven’t eaten then you really will eat all the sausage rolls, crisps & dry roasted peanuts going.
  • Eat your greens… especially Sprouts! Sprouts actually helps the body to detoxify  – so fry them up with fresh ginger & garlic YUM & good for you! If you can’t stand them then just try and eat broccoli, Kale, Cabbage at some point each day.
  • Give yourself permission to say NO! If you are feeling run down and really don’t feel like having to cook for friends or go to a party then just say NO.  Listen to your body and don’t get even more run down by doing things as you feel you should!

How to survive the Christmas Season!


  • Get the whole family out for a walk – especially on crisp, sunny days.  It will do you all the world of good and make you feel better.  Even if the weather isn’t great, layer up, put the wellies and coat on and get out for an hour!
  • Don’t give you yourself a hard time for not exercising  – you will just put more pressure on yourself, stress & say sod it and eat more!!  Just try and get a little exercise in at some point over the break – if hubby is ok to have the kids for a short while then just get out – walk, run or cycle or whatever you enjoy doing & get some ‘me’ time too!
  • Try not to say ‘Sod it, it’s Christmas I’ll start my diet in the New Year’!!! For one DIETS DO NOT WORK!!!!! New Year resolutions hardly ever last!  So just try and moderate and if you have a really piggy day then just try not to eat as much the following day!  If you can just moderate, yes even over Christmas  – have a good day after a not so good day!!

Enjoy, be happy and try not to let the turkey stress you out!!! HAPPY CHRISTMAS!



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