13 January 2020

4 tips for dressing your baby for winter walks


Hello. Hope you are all well. I have been working with Childrenswardrobe to create this blog about how to dress your baby for winter walks…

Getting outdoors for some fresh air, even when it’s cold, is so important for your mind and body. While you might know how to keep yourself toasty, if you’ll be taking your newborn along on your walks, you’ll also need to dress them warmly. Here, Steve Cochrane, Managing Director at Childrenswardrobe shares his top tips for dressing your baby for your winter walks.

Winter is here, which means your walks through the crisp leaves and autumn sunshine are over. But, don’t let this put you off — keeping fit and healthy is important no matter what the weather’s like, and winter walks can be just as enjoyable if you make sure you wrap up.

If you’re a new mum and will be taking your newborn out with you, you’ll also need to make sure they’re dressed appropriately. Here, I will be sharing my top tips for keeping your baby warm, comfortable and cosy on your winter walks together.

Dress them in insulated and waterproof fabrics
You’ll probably know all too well how wet, windy and cold the British winter can be, so you’ll need to choose fabrics that’ll keep your child well-insulated and dry. Fabrics like wool and polyester are better choices than pure cotton, as they can wick away any moisture. Merino wool in particular is a great choice as it’s the only natural fibre that can absorb up to 40% of humidity without leaving your child feeling damp, which could cause them to catch a chill.

When choosing waterproofs for your little one, you’ll need to ensure their clothing offers them maximum protection from wet weather. So, look for coats and outerwear that have a waterproof rating of at least 1500mm or more.

Layer their clothing
When there’s a winter chill outdoors, it can be tempting to bundle your little one in their thickest items of clothing, but this can make them sweat and feel uncomfortable, and potentially at risk of overheating.

Instead, focus on choosing plenty of thin layers. This could include choosing a quality base layer to regulate your baby’s temperature and draw moisture away from their body,and then adding thin leggings and long-sleeved T-shirts, before completing their outfit with a thick, padded coat or snowsuit on top. Doing this will keep them warm and cosy, while making it easier for you to remove layers if you do feel they’re getting a little too hot.

Check their temperature
The ideal temperature for your baby is generally 36.4°C, with 38°C or higher being considered a fever (NHS). While it mightn’t be practical to check your child’s temperature using a thermometer when out on your winter walk, it’s possible to check their body temperature by simply feeling their stomach and feet.

In general, your baby’s toes should feel cool but not cold, while their belly should feel on the warmer side, but not hot: either of these situations could mean your little one is having trouble regulating their body temperature. If both their belly and toes feel warm, your baby may be too hot and will need some layers removing to cool them down. If their toes and belly feel cold, it can be a sign that your baby is too cold and needs more layers, so make sure you pack spares in your baby bag.

Don’t forget warm accessories
Keeping your baby’s core warm is crucial, but make sure you don’t forget about their feet, head, ears and hands. Investing in some cosy, knitted winter accessories like mittens, thick fleecy socks and a hat with ear flaps will be great for locking in heat and making sure they don’t catch a chill. You should also consider getting them a snood that can be tucked down the front of their coat to stop any draughts from getting down their clothing and making them feel the cold. It’ll also be a smart idea to invest in some soft, lined boots to keep their feet even toastier.

You will also need to take a couple of soft blankets and a waterproof pram cover to protect them from the elements and keep them warm and dry.

Your winter walks are a great opportunity for you and your newborn to experience the beautiful changing landscape, but when it’s chilly out, make sure they’re dressed warmly. Follow my top four winter clothing tips for your baby and you’re sure to have a great time together!

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