07 July 2021

A revised plan to get you ready for Summer!

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It is officially summer!! I know the kids are still at school for another 6 or 7 weeks, but have you got your holiday planned? Many have a staycation again this year and with the changes with which countries you can or can’t go to, I think that is the best bet.

Some of you may have seen my newsletter last week and following some feedback I wanted to revise my thoughts. I am an advocate for women to be healthy and strong and on reflection I didn’t positioned my summer plan quite right. My message was supposed to try and stop women from going on a crash diet.

As women we often feel we need or should to lose a few pounds my ethos isn’t about weight lose and never has been, I believe in getting women stronger, healthier and fitter through an holistic approach with exercise and diet. Women should try to look at the whole picture, stress levels for example.

Tips for a healthier and fitter lifestyle

Below are some top tips – of course some are obvious but the biggy for me is – gently move more and build it up and avoid that diet just before you go away – I promise that will just make things worse!

You have 7 weeks. This gives you time to look at what you are doing now – what you are eating now and how much you are moving. The problem with crash diets are that you will put the weight back on and more – but it is also not good for your body, your adrenals, your long term metabolism, your blood sugar levels – they will all go a bit haywire.

Lets look at how you can gently, successfully start feeling stronger, fitter, healthier over the next 7 weeks:


Plan the next 7 weeks or however many until you go away – you have an end goal so it is very achievable. Look at which days/times/evenings/early mornings you can realistically fit 10 – 30 mins of exercise in. Make it an appointment in your diary you CAN NOT cancel. Commit to it 2 – 4 x a week – be realistic and remember it is light at 4am so if you like early 6am in the park is beautiful!!


Decide what you ENJOY – what movement do you like?? Absolutely no use just saying you will run or do a Joe Wicks or a Mums, Bums & Tums class if it is not you and you hate it. So do you love dancing? Do you love walking? Cycling? climbing? Spin? aerobics? Zumba?


Get a friend to commit to it too – see if you have a friend who would also benefit from moving more or committing to 2 – 4 movement sessions a week. Organise your days – then you both have to turn up.


DO NOT give yourself a hard time if you miss 1 session or it is a shorter session than you aimed for – 5 minutes is better than nothing! Just commit to making sure you do do the next session in your diary. You have enough stress and pressure in your life so don’t add to it.


Time is of essence. If you are short on time you can do a full body workout in 15 minutes – honestly. A quick warm up and cool down and then 2 or 3 sets working the whole body – like press ups, squat to shoulder press, lunges, triceps dips, deep abs single leg heel taps. Wham bam done! Or with running or walking – find a hill and power up that 5 – 10x. Again short and definitely sweet!


FOOD – ok this is often the problem. For some, you have to go cold turkey on chocolate, cheese or crisps. If you are someone who can’t moderate and has to give it up totally then go ahead. Again, it is only for 7 weeks. If you are able to moderate – have your sweet kick after your lunch or dinner and that is it.


Look at trying overnight fasting. You finish eating in the evening at say 7pm and then don’t have anything else to eat until 9 or 10am. Some of you have to have breakfast – fine but maybe try and eat dinner a bit earlier – but avoid snacking after dinner. Tell your family so they don’t eat your favourite chocolate in front of you every evening. If you can work it around your family, fasting over night can really work and is actually really good for you.


Really try and cut out the snacking – the usual 3pm sweet kick. Maybe try and have lunch a bit later, have your sweet kick straight after lunch and have dinner a bit earlier – if you can. Drink plenty of water or herbal teas – helps fill you up.


EAT ENOUGH – I know, maybe not what you were thinking. The problem with diets is they restrict what you are eating and then you are hungry so you pick. If you can eat enough at each meal it honestly should keep you full for longer. If you have a salad with a bit of tuna or chicken in it – that probably won’t fill you up. A good salad with avocado, nuts, seeds, tuna, sweet potato & lots of veggies will fill you up for longer.


Eat protein – it will keep you satiated for longer – don’t ignore some mixed nuts (no NOT dry roasted!!). You will not get fat if you eat good quality and enough protein – 2 eggs not 1, a handful of nuts, 1/2 an avocado, a large chicken breast etc etc.


Keep eating the good fats – again similar to protein. Good fats are so necessary and you do need them for your body’s health – so throw away the ‘low fat’ mayo or ‘low calorie’ this or that. A glug (as Jamie O would say!!) of good olive oil, a splash of apple cider vinegar is great for your salad.

I hope you get the gist and the list above helps you in some way. Most of all, PLEASE just don’t diet or calorie restrict – eat wholesome hearty food.

If you have any questions please just pop me an email.

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