29 January 2022

Am I menopausal? Who or what do I trust??


Too many mixed messages on the menopause?

I know it has been great that the M word is finally being challenged, discussed, talked about SO much more, but has it left you feeling more overwhelmed than ever??

There are now a lot of people, companies, supplements all talking about helping you with your menopause symptoms.  However, many seem a bit contradictory OR they leave you more muddled than before.  Unfortunately, the menopause is now a £450 billion industry – how much of that industry is actually out there to really help YOU??

I don’t mean to be dismissive, there are a lot of really good people / experts who do know what they are talking about and do offer great courses.  It is just quite hard to sieve out the right ones for you.

Menopause symptoms or not?

Some of you don’t really have many symptoms but think maybe I should do something before I do get them – maybe you buy some supplements that will help prevent you getting bad symptoms?? The supplement may claim it can prevent or help with the symptoms.  Just be wary of this as there are a lot of totally rubbish supplements out there – they bulk up with bulking ingredients rather than the actual herbs/vitamins they are claiming to be in the supplement.

My advice, whether you have symptoms or not, is to learn more about what you think you may have or if it really can help taking this or that vitamin.  Remember, EVERYONE is different and your body will react very differently from your friend’s.  Also, in the ideal world, you should speak to a nutritionist who can take your health history and advise the best options for you – food and supplement wise.

Quick tips: know where to start with the menopause

There are some great websites or specialists to follow on Instagram but always have a look and check – have they any qualifications or where have they got their knowledge from.

1 Are they a member of a recognised health body? 

The British Menopause Society has lots of information and the latest updated reports on the menopause.  I think most of you will have heard of Dr Louise Newson, one of the 1st Dr’s to target the menopause and has shouted out about it.  She is very pro HRT – so if you aren’t a fan of HRT there is still a lot of really useful info on the website and her Balance App.

If you want more info about what is happening to the body and maybe don’t want to take HRT or can’t take it – read up on Lara Briden’s “The Hormone Repair Manual” or “Natural Menopause” Anne Henderson

2. If you want to talk to your GP….

about any potential symptoms or you think you are peri-menopausal then try asking the receptionist 1st, who is the most knowledgeable or sympathetic doctor at your practice on the menopause or women’s health issues.  It may be a male or female doctor, but often the receptionists should know.  You DO NOT need to go to your Dr or a Dr you have always seen as they may not know much about symptoms.

Read my blog where to get help/advice for the Menopause.

3. Learn the basics

Read up on what exactly oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone are and what their roles in your body are.

4. Monitor your Menstrual cycle

No matter what stage you are – even get your teenage/adult daughters to start.  The more you can get to know your body and if you can tell mid month if you have ovulated, if you are regular each month or very heavy or very light.  The more you can know what is happening in your body the better it is to know if or when you are peri-menopausal.

5. HRT – do you or don’t you????

I think over the past yr or so you are now beginning to hear and understand that HRT has changed.  It is now much more in tune with the hormones your body produces naturally.  You may be totally against it – absolutely, fine – I was!! However, then I studied the menopause, learnt about the hormones and everything that they do.

It is absolutely right to go with what you want and NO ONE should tell you, you HAVE to take them – unless maybe you have premature ovarian insufficiency (go into the meno before you reach 40 yrs of age).  If you stay on herbs and nutrition and exercise then you must keep it up.  The most important thing for me is that women know how important exercising is for the bones and heart health.  It is a MUST as you haven’t the support from the hormones to protect your heart & bones.  So always read up on what you need to do.

Menopause is about YOUR body

Finally, as a woman we all have to go through it.  So actually embrace your menopause journey.  Find out about it.  Look at the whole picture.  It is not just about the symptoms.  I have so many saying – “oh I’m well past it, I don’t need to know” or “I’m too late now” or ” I have no symptoms so I am fine”.

Nope – you are never too late to learn.  Whether you have symptoms or not, you will lose your oestrogen and progesterone in your body – they affect every part of your body, so know how to support your body.

For more information about the Menopause please take a look at my Everything Menopause Course which is a 7 week course which is an education, a shared experience and a connection for women going through hormonal changes. Education, exercise & a whole body approach to everything menopausal.

Still not sure which fitness class is for you?

Are you a woman who has pelvic girdle pain? Do you have pelvic floor issues? Have you had a C-section, episiotomy or tears? Do you have a Diastasis Recti or weak deep abdominals? Are you peri – menopausal? Do you want to get fit in a safe environment? I can help, get in touch to find out more.


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