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May 10 2020

Why its good to progress gradually

Progress safely I am definitely from the school of slow and steady progression.  Many a time I have heard about ...
Well-being and anxiety.
Apr 12 2020

Hope, Positiveness & that niggling Anxiety

How are you all doing?? How have YOU been coping with the change in your life? It has been so ...
Fitness in Menopause.
Mar 29 2020

Are you Exercising ‘right’ for your body?

Are you doing the right exercise to suit your body? This is something I really wanted to put out there ...
Mar 23 2020

Online & Live classes are going well. Do join me, if you can!

How are YOU 6 weeks in? Updated 18 March 2020 How are YOU 6wks in? from Vicki on Vimeo. Hi ...
Mar 15 2020

Fitness Series 2 – New Mum’s getting back to fitness

New Mum's, those with a weak core, diastasis or pelvic floor issues This is such a vast area to talk ...
Fitness in Menopause.
Feb 28 2020

Fitness Series Part One – Fitness in Menopause

How can I get fitter?  What can I do to improve my fitness?  I've hit a plateau - what can ...
Feb 16 2020


You’re probably wondering when this photo was taken – certainly not a recent one with the wind and rain we ...
Feb 1 2020

An interesting take on non-dairy milks

This is a topic everyone is talking about going into 2020. Importantly, it is about looking at alternatives to save ...
Jan 19 2020

Body Image and how we see ourselves

  As we start a new year it always makes me think of new beginnings and how so many people ...
Jan 13 2020

4 tips for dressing your baby for winter walks

Hello. Hope you are all well. I have been working with Childrenswardrobe to create this blog about how to dress your ...