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Hormones, Sleep & Magnesium

Feb 29 2024

STRESS – why we need to know about it

I talk a lot about trying to get some ‘me time’ ie downtime, especially when you have a lot going on or are a bit stressed.  Today, I thought I would clear a few things up about stress, so you don’t end up stressing about being stressed and know what ...

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Bones of the pelvis, for help understanding if your pelvic floor needs help.

Feb 15 2024

Bone Health

Do you ever think about how important your skeleton is or how much you need strong bones?  Probably not as it isn't something we think about as much as maybe our weight. Stop & think about it.  Our bones are essential to our health and survival. Remarkably, paying attention to ...

Feb 3 2024

Heart Health in Women

What do you think if I told you that exercise/movement is like a wonder drug?  Evidence shows that physical activity can help with the following: improves wellbeing improves mood helps with weight management helps reduce chronic stress strengthens muscles strengthens bones helps regulate blood pressure & cholesterol helps reduce heart ...

Nov 15 2023

How to get a ‘Bang for your Buck’

Most of us are short of time.  There never seems to be enough hours in the day – or I certainly find that.  I am sure the older we get time seems to zoom by even faster. You may be someone who enjoys doing cardio exercise but feels they want ...

Nov 12 2023

A little is better than nothing

Small habits may become bigger habits! A few years ago I listened to  Chatterjee podcast with BJ Fog, a behavioural scientist, called 'The Secret to making new habits stick'. I then bought his book 'Tiny Habits'. I'm telling you this as the one thing I took note of and thought ...

Oct 6 2023

Are you menopausal & do you have breast cancer?

Do you have cancer? Are you experiencing induced or premature menopause due to treatment? I wanted to focus on both breast cancer and menopause as it is a month dedicated to the awareness of both.  However, I think it is an area where women can feel neglected or they feel ...
Almonds to boost energy

Aug 25 2023

Why we all need fat!

I thought I would offer a completely different look at fat and how it affects how we look at our bodies.  Are you one of the millions who 'hates' her lumps & bumps or is always trying to lose weight??  Have you ever actually thought about WHY we have fat ...

Aug 23 2023

Strength work for runners or sports women

Do you do a sport or are you a runner?? Do you just turn up to training or a game or just go and run? If so, do you want to know how to improve your game or run? For Runners Many of you are runners, so I will look ...
Women's Online Menopause Fitness Class

Aug 11 2023

Why do I ache so much? What can I do about it?

If you’re like me, you wake up every morning with a slightly achy hip or shoulder or lower back.  It is an age thing but it is also very much a menopause symptom. Obviously, there are lots of reasons we become more stiff or achy as we age, it is ...
Vicki Hill Women's fitness classes for postnatal mums.

Jul 26 2023


Part 2 of the What Can I do? Series.  As I said in the last blog, it is frustrating as there can be so much out there and you just don’t know what is right or which you should try. Here are a few more pieces of advice.  These are ...

Jul 15 2023

What can I do?

SO, WHAT CAN I DO? It can be really frustrating; you are told so many different things on how to do this or how to do that. However, have you found that often you read blogs or emails to draw you in, but they don’t answer your question? I follow ...

Jul 1 2023

Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex when breastfeeding

Have you felt some very weird sensations/emotions when you are breastfeeding? Do you suddenly think you are a terrible mother when you are breastfeeding your baby? Do you think very negative thoughts when breastfeeding your baby? Do you get very sad & feel really down when feeding? Do these thoughts ...

Jun 18 2023

The wonders of blueberries!

Blueberries & the health benefits Amazing how these little fruits can be so beneficial for the body. The latest research from Kings College London & Reading Uni has been published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.  It has found that eating just a handful of blueberries daily for 3 ...

May 20 2023

All about Hypopressives

You may have seen that I trained in Hypopressives last year.  You also may still be wondering – well what on earth are hypopressives & how can they help with a pelvic organ prolapse or dysfunctional pelvic floor?? You may be reading this as you do have a prolapse or ...

Apr 22 2023

The Benefits of my Online Membership

I am very excited to be branching out into the realm of online memberships for exercises / workouts.  I have worked really hard at creating this and it has taken me FOREVER!  Those who know me, know that websites & anything technical like IT, are just not my friend! With ...
The menstrual cycle

Apr 20 2023

The hormones Explained

How often do you feel really tired or angry or want to eat crap food just before you have your period? How often do you actually think about your energy levels and your monthly cycle? If you do still have periods, the most useful tool you can get - is ...

Apr 8 2023


People often wonder why they are not getting fitter or stronger, or are just unsure how to.  I hope this blog will help those of you who want to try to build up a good training plan. There are a few key rules to try and follow to improve your ...
Our Monthly Cycle & Our Hormones

Mar 10 2023

Irregular or heavy bleeding during the menopause?

Do you suffer from very heavy & debilitating periods??  Have you always been regular and not had heavy periods but are now experiencing them?? Adenomyosis Sometimes heavy periods in the perimenopause can be misdiagnosed.  There is something called Adenomyosis - it is sort of like endometriosis & can get missed. ...
Muscle does not weigh more than fat

Feb 11 2023

5 things we get wrong about weight loss

'How can I lose my weight?' or 'How can I lose this ring around my tummy?' or 'How can I lose my postnatal weight?' These have to be the questions I am asked on a weekly basis!! I am the 1st to admit - I am NOT an expert on ...

Jan 28 2023

Quick fire movement exercises

Something is ALWAYS better than nothing!! Do you procrastinate, thinking about doing some exercise, weighing up whether there is time to fit it in- plus shower after.  Do you then find more time has gone by and think "oh damn I haven't got time to do a 30 min run ...

Jan 1 2023

How to set realistic & long-lived goals

I think I write something every new year, about trying NOT to set too many New year resolutions!!! I say probably say, every year – THEY DON’T WORK!!  IF you write to me to say, sorry but they do work as I have carried on with my new year resolution ...
Frosty mornings

Dec 11 2022

Top tips for staying motivated to exercise in the winter

Do you find it hard to stay motivated to go outdoors or go to the gym when it is cold? I get it, you get in from work and the last thing you feel like doing is getting back outdoors to go for a run, a class or go to ...
Hormones, Sleep & Magnesium

Dec 10 2022

Stress, rest & recovery

Burnout Certain times of the year can be very stressful for you. It could be a month full of birthdays, lots of parties or an important time with work schedules. December, for example, can be incredibly stressful. Christmas shopping Christmas parties /drinks Kids plays or productions Work deadlines Keeping up ...

Nov 27 2022

Pelvic Organ Prolapse

What is a Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP)? A prolapse is when the supporting ligaments and muscles in the pelvis have weakened.  This leads to one or more of the pelvic organs - bladder, uterus/womb or rectum falling downwards. You may feel it is a bit uncomfortable, feel a heaviness or ...
Women's brain health

Nov 24 2022

Brain health for women

Brain health in the menopause So much talk is about our hormones and all the symptoms of the menopause.  How much do YOU think about your brain health, heart health, pelvic health and bone health??? However, if I told you the following, will you start being more aware of your ...
The Impact of Stress on our Bodies

Oct 29 2022

What is Intermittent Fasting & WHY is it healthy for you

Different Types of Intermittent Fasting I should think you have heard of IF - Intermittent Fasting.  If not then hopefully this post will educate you on it and it's overall health benefits.  Yes, it is fasting which of course means we don't eat for long periods of time.  Intermittent fasting ...
New Mum's getting back to fitness

Oct 14 2022

Fitness Series 2 – New Mum’s getting back to fitness

New Mum's, those with a weak core, diastasis or pelvic floor issues This is such a vast area to talk about regarding improving or getting back to fitness levels.  I will break it up into the earlier post-natal woman and then those who are going on for a year plus.  ...
Healthy Snacks

Oct 13 2022

How the seasons affect our hormones

I have taken this info and condensed it, from Cytoplan Blog.  I wanted to share some of the points they suggest, but their blog is very long and at times a bit complicated.   So here are the main things to think about for your hormones and health through the year. ...

Oct 13 2022

Menopause Q&A’s

October is Menopause Awareness month & the 18th October 2022 is World Menopause Day. Firstly, I asked YOU to send me questions that you have about your symptoms or questions you have.  Here they are in one place: Qu: I am 38 yrs old.  A year ago, I started experiencing ...
Body Image and how we see ourselves

Sep 17 2022

Physical changes in the body in pregnancy & post birth

How do I know which exercises I can do after giving birth? Basically - it depends on your body, genetics, how your birth was and what sort of birth you have.  The fact is that we are all different.  We have different levels of strength to begin with, our connective ...
World Menopause Awareness Day 2020

Aug 21 2022

Non-HRT part 2: Self care, Exercise, Nutrition & Weight

Move, eat well & start prioritising your self care Part 2 of the information for those who don't want to take HRT or can't - or even for those taking it.  As women age, they really do HAVE to start taking care of themselves and moving self care further up ...

Aug 5 2022

Non-HRT ways to support your menopausal body – Part 1

No to HRT?? 2021 and 2022 have been the years of the Menopause awareness campaigns.  It is great, we have had MP's talk about, the press, celebs, women campaigning - the MENOPAUSE and the symptoms women experience is finally being highlighted.  Fantastic! However, sorry, there is always a 'however'!! Whilst ...

Jul 22 2022

Women’s Health is about ALL women

Ok, so YES, GREAT, the menopause is finally getting the news it absolutely deserves. However, I work in women's health.  I work with women who have had a hysterectomy, have endometriosis, have PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), who have a prolapse, have a diastasis.  These are all women's health issues which ...

Jul 22 2022

How to look after your body as a new mum

Typical things new mums have to do: Bend over cots Lift buggies Change nappies on the floor or low surface Push buggies up hills or on grass Feed the baby and hold in a set position for long periods of time These are all movements that new mums have to ...
Diastasis diagram of different versions

Jul 9 2022

Diastasis Recti or ‘split abs’!!

I always try to educate ladies who come to see me, so they know what is going on in their bodies and know WHY they may be getting referred pain or tightness. Diastasis Recti (DR) is just one of those misunderstood bodily functions that women come and see me about.  ...
Energy boosting kale

Jun 5 2022

Do you want more energy & to feel better?

What is more important to you 1. how you look / your weight 2. how much energy you have? 3. feeling healthy & well? If you answer yes to all 3 - then there is one thing that can affect your weight, your energy & your health. **Blood sugar levels** ...

May 7 2022

MOVE – how moving can help more than you think

Achy, stiff or painful joints? When I talk to menopausal women who complain of stiff hips & feet or sore shoulders knees, I always ask how much movement does she do. You see, as we age it is so important to move more because we lose collagen, oestrogen and most importantly fascia ...

May 7 2022

Mental Health Awareness

Anxiety, depression, ADHD There are so many different forms of mental illness and most scarily - very often it isn't seen or recognised. The whole point of the Awareness Weeks are to educated people. ( IF you think a friend/family member has become slightly more down or anxious or isn't ...

Apr 8 2022

The whole body impact of scars

Have you had an operation at all?? Even a small or key hole operation??  If so, you will have had some form of scar tissue underneath the scar.  Look at it like the ocean - it may look lovely and smooth and calm on the top but deep down there ...
Fitness in Menopause.

Mar 24 2022

Exercising after having Covid

When can I start exercising again? How long is a piece of string!!! As we have all no doubt found, Covid comes in all shapes and sizes. Some of us get it very mildly whilst others feel really not very well at all.  So when it comes to getting back ...

Mar 12 2022

Do you struggle with fatigue?

Always Tired?? We all get tired from time to time.  Late nights, long work hours or the kids keeping you up at night – can all leave you feeling temporarily worn out. But this is not the only form of tiredness impacting the inhabitants of the modern world. STOP for ...

Feb 22 2022

Exercise for New Mums

When can I get back to exercise after giving birth? This is a very common question and maybe you're a new mum reading this and biting at the bit to get back. Or maybe you aren't? Maybe you are still in some pain from either having had stitches/episiotomy or had ...
Understanding our hormones as women

Jan 29 2022

Am I menopausal? Who or what do I trust??

Too many mixed messages on the menopause? I know it has been great that the M word is finally being challenged, discussed, talked about SO much more, but has it left you feeling more overwhelmed than ever?? There are now a lot of people, companies, supplements all talking about helping ...

Dec 30 2021

How to set yourself the right goals

As we end another 'unusual' year and start a new one, it is a time to look forward with positiveness.  We all look at a new year differently, but I am sure most of you reading this look at it as a chance to start something new, take something up ...

Oct 29 2021

How to get Menopause Advice

In case you haven't noticed, it was World Menopause Day on Monday 18th November, which is also in the middle of Menopause Awareness month!  I am so pleased to see articles in many papers and magazines, to hear discussions on the radio - led by male presenters I might add, ...

Sep 5 2021

Sleep, glorious sleep ….. or is it??

Are you a tad fed up with hearing how important sleep is and you just can't sleep and get more stressed because of the pressure to get a good night's sleep!!! So many of us, especially those who are peri/menopausal or new parents get woken up so many times a night ...
What are PCOS and Endometriosis?

Sep 4 2021

New Focus, New YOU!

September!  I always look at September as a fresh start, a new focus and to look at what I would like to aim to do in the Autumn. How about you?  You've had the wonderful summer holidays, or maybe you haven't and you are about to have your holiday?? Maybe ...

Jul 8 2021

The right sports kit for women

Do you buy your sports kit because it looks good, you like the colours or shape? Do you think much about your sports bra - ever get fitted? Are you still wearing the same sports bra you bought 5 or even 8 or so years ago? How about your trainers ...

May 22 2021

Help! What can I do post hysterectomy?

I'm writing this blog as I have been through a hysterectomy and know how little we are told about what happens.  I am also getting more and more women come to me post hysterectomy or abdominal surgery and not really getting any support.  I am not a medic, absolutely not, ...
Help with the symptoms of menopause in the everything menopuase programme.

May 6 2021

Menopause for beginners! What is the menopause?

I thought I would write a simple Q&A blog with the simple explanations about the menopause  - terms you may have heard of but are unsure of, when you are in the menopause or how do you know you are post.  I hope this offers you a basic understanding...... What ...
Pictures of different levels of pelvic floor prolapse.

Apr 10 2021

Pelvic health

My passion and aim is to encourage women to ACT NOW and start to look after their pelvic floor!  It doesn't matter whether you have or haven't had a baby, are peri or post menopausal or are in your 70's.  It is never too late to actually look after your ...
Bones of the pelvis, for help understanding if your pelvic floor needs help.

Apr 10 2021

I’m Post Menopausal do I need to know ‘things’?

YES, YOU DO STILL NEED TO KNOW HOW TO PROTECT YOUR BODY!  In the menopause more than any other time in your life! I often hear from women:  "Oh! I'm way past the menopause, I'm too late to do anything!"  "I'm beyond help" "I don't have symptoms anymore as I'm ...
Women's running tips preventing injuries.

Mar 23 2021

Running alone outdoors

What is YOUR running routine? Where do you run? Do you run with your headphones? Do you run on your own and prefer it or prefer to run in a group? As I am sure you are aware that recently there have been many discussions on how women feel when ...
Holistic Core Restore® Fit to Run / Walk

Mar 2 2021

Is your body Fit to Run?

Running is one of those wonderful sports where you can just leave your front door, run and then get home and get on with it.  It offers freedom as you can go out for as long or short a run as you have time for.  You will feel good, get ...
Vitamin D and the Immune System

Jan 16 2021

Vitamin D and the Immune System

What is Vitamin D? Initially Vitamin D was prescribed to those who had rickets/more bone fractures and where it was found that these people were very low in Vitamin D. Over the years more and more research as gone into Vitamin D as they found we can't get much of ...
What are PCOS and Endometriosis?

Oct 26 2020

What are PCOS and Endometriosis?

PCOS and Endometriosis are being talked about that bit more now, but how many of you actually know what they are and if your may potentially have them?? PCOS – Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome PCOS is actually a common hormonal condition which is characterised by excess male hormones in women. It ...
World Menopause Awareness Day 2020

Oct 23 2020

World Menopause Awareness Day 2020

Awareness & Education of the Peri to Post Menopause Many of you who know me know that I LOVE to raise awareness of women's health and what our wonderful hormones and bodily functions are going through during our lifetime!  I don't need a 'World Awareness Day' to talk about the ...
Vicki Hill Women's fitness classes for postnatal mums.

Sep 25 2020

When to start Post Natal exercise?

Why not exercise in the 1st 6 weeks? The hardest thing for me to tell a lady who is very early post birth is - STOP exercising or Avoid running.  Mentally women want and need to get back out there, if they have always been big exercisers they don't expect ...
Women's Health - the WHOLE picture

Sep 11 2020

Women’s Health – the WHOLE picture

You are a woman - PLEASE read this!! When I qualified as a personal trainer back in 2006 I was just that - a personal trainer.  I had never really thought about training women differently and how we move, how our hormones can affect us. I was never told that ...
Hormones, Sleep & Magnesium

Aug 29 2020

Hormones, Sleep & Magnesium

I thought I would write something about sleep and how it can be affected by our hormones.  Obviously, post birth and having a little one who wants to say hi and lets you know at 2am & 4am and 5am every night, is going to affect your sleep!  However, it ...
The All Important Magnesium

Jul 19 2020

The All Important Magnesium

What is Magnesium & it's importance as a Mineral? Magnesium is a mineral - a mineral is a substance which originates in rocks or metal ores!  Many minerals are essential for our health & we now generally get them from plants, fruits or vegetables.  Magnesium is a Macro-mineral which we ...
How can I lose my big tummy?

Jul 5 2020

How can I lose my tummy?

Had a C section - even 20 years ago?  Had a Diastasis or 'split abs' as some people call it?  Or just feel you have never 'lost the tummy' after having kids??  Or have you lost weight everywhere but still can't get rid of the paunchy tummy? I have women ...
Our Monthly Cycle & Our Hormones

Jun 17 2020

Our Monthly Cycle & Our Hormones

How our hormones affect us during the monthly cycle Have you ever really followed your monthly cycle?? Many women don't.  They don't think of it except for maybe knowing they are coming on as they are eating more or getting very irritable or getting very bloated.  However, have you ever ...
What is a Pelvic Organ Prolapse?

Jun 10 2020

What is a Pelvic Organ Prolapse?

June is Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) Awareness month ..... Do you know what a pelvic organ prolapse/POP is?? Basically it is when the fascia and ligaments in your pelvic floor muscles relax and your pelvic organs move out of place.  It feels like your pelvic organs are bulging into each ...
In Vicki Hill's PT studio

Jun 7 2020

Where are you now?

Isn't it odd, we are now nearly 1/2 way through the year!! Sorry, maybe you didn't want to be reminded of that, having spent nearly 3 months of the year house bound.  Looking back at the start of the year and all your good intentions for the year 2020 - ...
Why its good to progress gradually

May 10 2020

Why its good to progress gradually

Progress safely I am definitely from the school of slow and steady progression.  Many a time I have heard about someone coming back from an injury too soon, pushed it too much and wham bam - back to where they started with their injury!! I know most of us are ...
Well-being and anxiety.

Apr 12 2020

Hope, Positiveness & that niggling Anxiety

How are you all doing?? How have YOU been coping with the change in your life? It has been so interesting reading about and hearing from different friends at this time - a common theme has been about their not sleeping well or this general feeling of anxiety they have. ...
Fitness in Menopause.

Mar 29 2020

Are you Exercising ‘right’ for your body?

Are you doing the right exercise to suit your body? This is something I really wanted to put out there at this very unique time of our lives.  It is unique in so many ways - we are stuck at home, home teaching, allowed to go outdoors 1x a day ...
Evening fitness classes are fun and get you working on your strength and fitness.

Mar 23 2020

Online & Live classes are going well. Do join me, if you can!

How are YOU 6 weeks in? Updated 18 March 2020 How are YOU 6wks in? from Vicki on Vimeo. Hi Everyone, A very quick hello to see how everyone is getting on. For those who have joined me for classes I hope you are enjoying them and thank you. They ...
New Mum's getting back to fitness

Mar 15 2020

Fitness Series 2 – New Mum’s getting back to fitness

New Mum's, those with a weak core, diastasis or pelvic floor issues This is such a vast area to talk about regarding improving or getting back to fitness levels.  I will break it up into the earlier post-natal woman and then those who are going on for a year plus.  ...
Fitness in Menopause.

Feb 28 2020

Fitness Series Part One – Fitness in Menopause

How can I get fitter?  What can I do to improve my fitness?  I've hit a plateau - what can I do? These are many of the questions I get from all ladies I work with from all the different fields of women's health.  So I have decided to take ...

Feb 16 2020


You’re probably wondering when this photo was taken – certainly not a recent one with the wind and rain we have had these past few weeks!! No, this was at the Lido in February last year. We had the most amazing week of warm sunshine. This was taken when I ...
An interesting take on non-dairy milks

Feb 1 2020

An interesting take on non-dairy milks

This is a topic everyone is talking about going into 2020. Importantly, it is about looking at alternatives to save our planet.  It is amazing how many people are now turning to Veganism or have done Veganary – if you are one, I would love to know how you got ...
Body Image and how we see ourselves

Jan 19 2020

Body Image and how we see ourselves

  As we start a new year it always makes me think of new beginnings and how so many people try to change so much, try to lose weight, start something new and punishing ...... but why do we feel we have this need to 'improve' or make ourselves 'look ...
4 tips for dressing your baby for winter walks

Jan 13 2020

4 tips for dressing your baby for winter walks

Hello. Hope you are all well. I have been working with Childrenswardrobe to create this blog about how to dress your baby for winter walks... Getting outdoors for some fresh air, even when it's cold, is so important for your mind and body. While you might know how to keep yourself ...
Vicki Hill Women's Health and Fitness

Dec 15 2019

How is your back or Pelvic Floor pressure when lifting?

I have had a few questions sent to me by Imogen, one of my Buggyfit Mum's, who has asked advise with lifting - especially when in a difficult position. This applies to EVERYONE, not just new mum's. How do you lift?? Do you bend from the tummy?  Do you know ...
End of a Decade & How are YOU?

Dec 8 2019

End of a Decade & How are YOU?

Wow can you believe we are coming to an end of this decade! Into the 2020's next month. Are you the type to spend time thinking about what you have done these last few years?  Or do you look ahead at new horizons and think about what you would like ...
The Impact of Stress on our Bodies

Nov 24 2019

The Impact of Stress on our Bodies

This year has been a bit of an emotionally stressful one for me and I have definitely felt it in my body.  I don't think we realise how much pressure our body takes and how hard it has to work when stressed. In the work I do, I spend so ...
Are you an 'All or Nothing' person?

Nov 10 2019

Are you an ‘All or Nothing’ person?

I often say to my clients, 'a little is better than nothing'.  However, some people just feel they have to go to the gym or exercise for a whole hour or 1 1/2 hrs to make it worthwhile.  Is that you?? WHY?? I think this used to be instilled into ...
Menopause Fitness

Oct 24 2019

New – Menopause Fitness

I'm very excited to be in the process of introducing a course which I believe is totally new to Bristol, new to many women & not just an exercise class.  I am creating a course for women who are peri-menopausal, going through the menopause or post menopause.  It will be ...
How Stress affects our bodies

Oct 17 2019

How Stress affects our bodies

A quick post this week as I have now had a few clients who have been under a lot of pressure of late.  Without initially realising, their poor bodies have gone into over-drive and they have found themselves with either low energy, poor bowel habits, back pain or other such ...
Insta vs Reality!

Oct 13 2019

Insta vs Reality & Guest writer

Hello all, Vicki is getting some much needed R&R! I am Harriet, Vicki's PA and the guest writer this week...hope you don't mind... I have been working for Vicki for a year now so most of you will have spoken to me on email and I just wanted to let you ...
Top Nutritional, Exercise & Health Tips

Oct 1 2019

Top Tips part 2- Health, Exercise & Nutrition

How did you get on with the Top Tips last week? Anyone change your snack? Anyone try the easy whole body exercises?? Did you try the Mississippi's - I forgot to mention the ideal number is between 6 - 12 or 13. I said I would do another week of little Tips ...
Top Nutritional, Exercise & Health Tips

Sep 29 2019

Top Nutritional, Exercise & Health Tips pt 1

Rightio,  thank you to Clare from Buggyfit who said how she really likes reading my weekly newsletter & asked me if I could do more 'Tips' - nutritional tips especially. So yes, of course I always love to be asked to write about something, so much easier than me thinking ...
Pregnancy fitness support and exercise.

Sep 16 2019


Hi I hope you have had a good weekend & are enjoying the late summer sunshine today!  We've had a real 'get the house & garden sorted day' - how about you?  Do you ever get that real get up and go on a lovely morning and feel great when so ...
Pregnancy exercises.

Sep 8 2019

Pregnancy truths and myths 1

I often have ladies come to my pregnancy class as they want to carry on exercising but are unsure what they can do or what they should avoid. Generally, YES do carry on exercising but change it a little from what you had been doing, stay hydrated & try and ...
Lethargic? More tired than usual?

Aug 11 2019

Lethargic? More tired than usual?

  You know when you are tired after a few late nights or very busy days or just not having good sleep.  However, then there is another tiredness which you know is just not the same. Do you sometimes go through weeks of just not feeling like you have caught ...
Getting back to HITT?? Think again!

Jul 25 2019

Getting back to HITT?? Think again!

Long, long time no see!! Gosh I haven't written a blog in ages - mainly because the weekly newsletter email has taken over the spare 'blog writing' time I have. However, I have realised I can get more said writing a blog & still use it in my weekly emails. ...
Specialist pregnancy pt fitness trainer.

Nov 10 2018

Moving in Pregnancy

Barmy summer evening outdoor class Many women don't know what exercise they can do during pregnancy, many may be a bit scared to do too much, many haven't a clue what they can or cant do with all the mixed messages and many actually get bad pelvic girdle pain and ...
Vicki Hill a Holistic Core Restore Coach Bristol

Oct 18 2018

Am I Peri-Menopausal? What is it exactly?

Many women don't think about the menopause when in their 30's or early 40's as they tend to think it is years away! However, what women don't realise is that we can start having peri-menopausal symptoms in our 30's & 40's and not realise our hormones are beginning to change. ...
Awareness of Post Natal Depression

Aug 27 2018

Awareness of Post Natal Depression

There has been so much lately in the press about Serena Williams or Adele and how they opened up about their traumatic births or post natal depression that I felt it was an area to be talked about.  It is a big step for anyone to admit to having post-natal ...
Marketing HCR feedback

Jul 29 2018

Are you doing the right class for your body?

The reason this is my blog this week is because at Buggyfit last week I had a lovely new lady who said she has been to the other Buggyfit class in South Bristol!! Alarm bells as there are no other official Buggyfit trainers in South Bristol and the one lady ...

May 29 2018

Posture is Everything!

Sitting too long at a desk or slumped on the sofa, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, pregnant bodies or standing holding something heavy for too long - they ALL affect your posture.  How we sit and stand is so important to take pressure off the back and shoulders, so try some of ...
Vegan sources of protein

May 25 2018

Healthy Foods & Meal Ideas

When we think of protein we think of it coming from mainly meat - yes that is true but there are also a lot of different healthy sources of protein which are a great alternative.  Whether you are a vegetarian, vegan or a meat eater you can all benefit from ...
Vicki Hill: Women's Health and Fitness.

Apr 18 2018

Data Protection and a spring clean!

So anyone who works for themselves like me knows that suddenly we are hearing all about the new GDPR rules which kick at the end of May. I managed to ignore it all for quite a while, not really taking any notice of it and pretending to sort something by ...
Let's get fit and toned

Mar 13 2018


YES we are already looking at the summer!  You've gotta plan ahead and I have a number of supportive solutions for you! The incredibly popular EARLY MORNING SUMMER FITNESS will be starting in April - look at the classes page on my website & contact me if you want to sign ...
Vicki Hill Women's fitness classes for postnatal mums.

Feb 27 2018

Are you a runner with a weak or over-active pelvic floor?

Those of you who know me know I talk A LOT about the pelvic floor - mainly because it is a muscle and I exercise muscles!! I do try my hardest to make other people talk about it too, to spread the word about how important it is and what ...
Muscle does not weigh more than fat

Feb 4 2018

Weight Loss Vs Fat Loss!!

So you get on the scales and urghhh you haven't lost any weight even though you have now been working out religiously for the last 6 weeks!  However, you maybe have scales which tell you your body fat % or you actually put some jeans on that feel a little ...
Vicki Hill Women's fitness classes for postnatal mums.

Feb 4 2018

How has January been for you??

So  how has January been for you?  Have many of you set new year resolutions? If so are they still going strong? Have you kept to them or are you now beginning to find them harder to keep up with??   Research says that by the end of January most people have ...
Relaxing at the end of an exercise session.

Dec 29 2017

I’m back to Blogging in 2018!!

HI Everyone!  A very Happy Christmas to you all. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of Vicki Hill Women's Health & Training in 2017. I hope you have all found my never ending reminder of 'Engage your Core', 'Think Pelvic Floor' or 'Exhale on Exertion' useful!! I ...
Vicki Hill a Holistic Core Restore Coach Bristol

Dec 19 2016

Join Vicki Hill Personal Training in 2017!

Most of you have been to Buggyfit, Core & Restore, Mums Bums & Tums or my evening fitness classes at some point over the years.  It is always great to hear from one of my Buggyfit mums saying she has had no. 2 (or no. 3!) child and is coming ...
How to survive the Christmas Season!

Dec 19 2016

How to survive the Christmas Season!

Are you an old hand at celebrating Christmas with a few too many drinks parties? Or a new mum having a few celebratory drinks with your NCT friends? Here are a few little health tips to not spoil your fun with family and friends this Chrimbo: Drink water - alternate alcoholic drinks ...
Vicki Hill: Women's Health and Fitness.

Sep 27 2016

September … new term, new focus and new ambitions?

Hi, I hope you have all had a fantastic summer whether camping in the UK or holidaying somewhere further afield. I hope you have all had time to chill, enjoy being with your family (hope the kids didn't argue too much!!) and just regained your energy and love of life!!! ...
Let's get fit and toned

Sep 27 2016

Post School Drop-Off Classes

Over the summer I had time to assess what is happening with my business, who I am aiming to really help and who else I want to support!! I have a number of ongoing classes, but I wanted to make sure I continued offering 'educated' classes for all mums, not ...

Sep 27 2016

Focusing on Nutrition & Lifestyle!

Finally, as I was relaxing on my holidays in Zimbabwe (my sister lives there) I was able to catch up on the online nutrition course I have been on!! Not an everyday nutrition course - Optimal Nutrition & Lifestyle for Post Natal Recovery & Healing.  Wow - full of in-depth ...
Evening fitness class for postnatal mums on Horfield Common.

Sep 27 2016

Updates from the Summer Activities

Wanted to say well done to the runners who took part in the Tow Path 10k series.  Great to have so many of my Tuesday and Thursday night ladies take part.  Wanted to say a special Well Done to Libby, who has been with my running group since it started ...
The benefits of 'Prebiotics' & 'Probiotics' for new mums

Sep 27 2016

The benefits of ‘Prebiotics’ & ‘Probiotics’ for new mums

You will have often heard about the 'good' gut bacteria - Probiotics.   Probiotics are 'good' bacteria that help keep your digestive system healthy by controlling the growth of the harmful bacteria. Prebiotics are carbohydrates that can't be digested by the human body but are necessary food for probiotics.  These are ...
Classes for postnatal mums.

Sep 27 2016

New Mum 30 minute Assessments

Due to so many enquiries for me to check abs & for advise post baby exercise I have set out times in my diary to offer 30 minute Assessments.  In the assessment I will check your abs - the size & tension of your gap, advise you how to push the buggy ...
Bras for Africa

Jun 27 2016

Hand in your old bra’s to support women in Africa

Please will you send any of your spare / old bra's to support ladies in Africa to make their life safer.  Read this post and either email me and get my address to drop them off or bring them to Buggyfit or send them off yourself - again ask me ...
Exercise to avoid during pregnancy and postnatal

Jun 27 2016

What IS a Diastasis Recti?

There are many inaccurate blogs, videos and social media posts on the web and I often hear how women still feel frustrated that there is a lack of correct information available to them about Diastasis Recti. I've found some great info from New Zealand who explain it really well.  1: ...
Engineered running leggings to support the pelvic floor

Jun 27 2016

Engineered running leggings to support the pelvic floor

I was fortunate enough to meet the inspiring lady Yvonne Brady at the Womens Health Conference back in April. This lady is an engineer who had kids, had pelvic floor problems but wanted to run. She used her knowledge to create the newest MUST HAVE sports leggings, shorts & Capris ...
Spring into releasing and strengthening!!

Apr 3 2016

Spring has finally arrived!

Spring has finally arrived! So it is time for no excuses and to use the longer evenings to get out and have some 'ME' time whether its out walking or going for a jog or even a meditation & stretch in the garden! Charlotte and I went to an excellent ...
Exercising outside.

Apr 3 2016

Summer Fitness HITT for the Post Postnatal!

Last year I ran a 6 week Summer HITT course for those early birds who wanted to get fitter and lose some inches before their holiday.  It was only for those who are at least 8 or 9 months post natal who had no abs or pelvic floor issues as ...
Coconut oil for alternative therapy

Apr 3 2016

Massaging Scar tissue & the right oils to use

Coconut oil for alternative therapy Scar tissue forms when our body's tissue is damaged - like after a C-Section, Episiotomy or other injuries to the muscle, tendons or ligaments. It is a normal healing process but some have more 'lumpy' scars than others. Massage can be helpful to loosen up ...
Vicki Hill Women's fitness classes for postnatal mums.

Apr 3 2016

Exercises for early post natal mums

For all newer mum's wanting to 'get my body back' remember 6 weeks after giving birth really is not a long time for your body to have recovered.  It has endured 9 months of carrying your baby so your pelvis and alignment generally would have changed & then the whole trauma it ...
Foods to eat and avoid with a colicky baby.

Apr 3 2016

Foods to eat and avoid with a colicky baby

It's distressing & exhausting when you have a colicky baby so just by changing a few eating habits may help the microbiotic imbalance in your baby. The most irritant foods in your diet would be: dairy, gluten, sugar, peanuts, shellfish. For a short time try and cut down on these ...
Fitness Series Part One - Fitness in Menopause

Jan 27 2016

Short Sharp exercise routine for February

Where has the time gone? Near the end of January already. So for Feb, grab 5 - 15 minutes a day / every other day and try this little routine. Find some Dumbbells if you have or even use tins/bag of food. Pregnant, early post natals & diastisis or pelvic ...
Vicki Hill Women's Specialist Menopause fitness trainer.

Jan 27 2016

Happy 2016 & short goal setting!

Hi & happy January! How have your New Year's Resolutions gone? Gone is the word?!! Many can't keep their resolutions as there is no end in sight and they set too big a goals. So, grab your diary/calendar and decide on 1 or 2 small goals you would like to ...
The need for Vitamin D from the sun

Jan 27 2016

The need for Vitamin D

Dark and dreary days & today it hasn't stopped raining!  Anyone been out for very long?  This time of year especially, we all really need to start taking or thinking about taking Vitamin D.  We mainly get it through the sunshine - mmmm not seen that in a while! If ...
Avocado the super food.

Jan 27 2016

Food for Febrauary – Avocados!!!

Avocados!!! Such a good food full of essential fatty acid, vitamins and minerals.  Remember, we all need the healthy fats and Avo's are one of them!!  You can blitze them in the nutribullet and add cacao powder (the healthy one - NOT coco!!) and have a fab chocolate mouse!! Eggs ...
Vicki Hill: Women's Health and Fitness in Bristol

Jul 10 2015

Post natal & abdominal recovery

Hi ladies, I thought I would have loads of time to write blogs & plan my next newsletter when I was off post my op but time zoomed by and its now 12 weeks later!! Thank you to so many of you for sending me lovely wishes, I really appreciated it. I ...
Avoid crash dieting

Jul 10 2015


Restrictive diets really do not work in the long term! Sure in the short term you will lose lots of weight as you've 1/2 starved your body so of course you will lose weight. However, how many of you can really sustain that type of eating? We only live once ...
Vicki Hill: Women's Health and Fitness in Bristol

Jul 10 2015

Summer Fitness Programme success

This year I have started a 6 week summer fitness programme which is now at the end of the 4th week. I have had 14 sign up for it and those who have been every week and stuck to the nutrition programme have really started to see and feel results.  I wanted to ...
The need for Vitamin D from the sun

Mar 6 2015

Welcome to Spring & Vitamin D!

I'm really not sure where February went as it doesn't seem that long since I was saying Happy New Year!! At last the sun is warming up, the evenings getting a bit longer and finally I feel like we are beginning to get into slightly warmer days!  Spring is the ideal time ...
Vicki Hill Women's Specialist Menopause fitness trainer.

Mar 6 2015

How to get motivated & start exercising

Here’s what you have to realise: Exercise is all mental You can do these very short, quick workouts. No matter what kind of shape you’re in, you can start doing  HIIT workouts today. It doesn’t matter how many breaks you have to take, how many reps you can do or how much ...
Woman running

Mar 6 2015

Quick & Easy Advice on How to Start Running

There seems to be so much about running in the press at present - is it or isn't it good for you .... blah blah!!  The press like to take a subject and make something out of nothing so if you heard it was bad for you just ignore it ...
Christmas challenge

Jan 16 2015

24 Days of Christmas Challenge Winners!

Congratulations to those of you who had a go at this and did 1/2 or most of the challenges.  I'm still hearing of people carrying on with the hot water & lemon!! Keep that up ladies and just make it a part of your morning routine, it's such a good ...
Healthy eating plan

Jan 16 2015

Latest Healthy Eating Option

I don't believe in dieting and yoyo diets really do not work, you tend to put more weight on when you have finished it or certainly in the long run.  So those who know me well know I say MODERATION, everything in moderation & generally using the 80:20 rule of healthy ...
Vicki Hill Women's Health and Fitness

Jan 16 2015

2015 New Year Resolutions

Well, my classes are all up and running and in the 1st week back I suggested everyone looks differently at NY resolutions.  I think we all know they don't generally last more than 4 weeks, 6 weeks if you're lucky and the reason being .... there is no end in ...
Vicki Hill: Women's Health and Fitness

Jan 16 2015

Happy 2015 everyone

New Year brings new year resolutions!! So we will briefly chat about being realistic and manageable with NY resolutions.  I will also see what you think about the latest 'diets' which scientifically make sense - eat more protein and healthy fast at each meal and cut down (not cut out ...
Current outside classes

Dec 9 2014

2015 Classes Dates & Times

I will be back to work on Monday 5th January so I shall look forward to seeing lots of you ready to start getting back out to fitness, a great start to 2015!  My present Core & Restore Class on Mondays will become Mums Bums & Tums class - I may ...
Vicki Hill Women's fitness classes for postnatal mums.

Dec 9 2014

2015 Looking Ahead Positively & Healthily

How many of you set all these different NY resolutions? How many of you actually keep them and are still sticking to them by the end of January?!!! Why don't you change tack next year and really think about just ONE, yes just 1 thing you are either going to ...
Christmas healthy food and drinks

Dec 9 2014

Simple Rules for Christmas Eating!!

Before going to Christmas parties - eat a healthy snack/meal beforehand to avoid eating too many unhealthy party snacks! Try and head for the vegetable dips rather than too many crisps, salted nuts or pretzels. Try and avoid or try not to overdo the sugary or diet drinks/mixers. If you know ...

Advent Challenge on Buggyfit Bristol FB page!!

Prizes for those who are doing as many advent days of the challenge as possible.  So far we have had a great response from some dedicated ladies trying to do something healthy each day of December, until 24th December!! It varies from squats to eating different coloured vegetables in a day ...


Happy last newsletter of 2014 to you all! I hope you are all ready with presents bought .... or at least thought about and just beginning to think about food that you will need to buy over the Xmas period.  This will be a light-hearted newsletter & I wont be ...

Vicki Hill Personal Training Christmas Classes!!

Party on but find time to come along to some classes too.  My classes will carry on until Friday 19th December and will resume again on Monday 5th January. Mums Bums & Tums -  I have some spaces for the advanced class at present & then new classes will start in ...

Quick Christmas Exercises

Squats - everyday, any time anywhere!! You cannot do enough. Single leg stands & squats - waiting in the queue in the post office, subtly stand on 1 leg & do little pulses!! Abs - do your deep breathing, push against a solid structure, exhale as you push against it ...
Vicki Hill: Women's Health and Fitness.

Nov 7 2014

Watch this Space ….. An Exciting Year Ahead

I think 2015 will be an exciting year with new developments. I am at present trying to find a new property to work out of & so will be able to offer LOTS of different classes, from Core & Restore to Circuits to Pre & Post natal Yoga to Dance ...
Christmas healthy food and drinks

Nov 7 2014

Christmas Drinks ….. the healthy way!!

Unanimous answer from Buggyfit mums today when asked if they want me to focus on anything for the newsletter ....Christmas & how to get through it with kids, Xmas drinks and far too many yummy temptations!!  First and foremost try not to give yourself a hard time!  We all go ...
Winter Exercises

Oct 7 2014

Winter Exercises

So, we are getting back to our darker evenings and will no doubt soon be experiencing colder and maybe wetter weather! Please don't think this is a reason to stop going for walks or use the excuse your children won't go out in the rain!! I don't mean to be harsh, ...
Ideas for health breakfasts

Oct 7 2014

Ideas for Healthy, Quick Breakfasts & Snacks

I ask my clients/mums all the time .... Do you eat breakfast?  I know most of you have a crying baby or toddlers all over you or kids to get to school or you're just rushing off to work so your breakfast is often overlooked.  Overnight your blood sugar dips so ...
Winter Exercises

Oct 7 2014

Winter Eating and Winter Exercising

Hi guys, I hope you have had a fab summer & made the most of this amazing weather, even now with October here we've still been so lucky with all the sunshine. I don't want to dampen spirits but with autumn/winter approaching this is when we start the beginning of our ...
Energy boosting kale

Aug 19 2014

Energy boosting foods…… Time to think about YOU!!

I bet everyone reading this is flat out running around after your baby, your children, work or how you will manage to cook proper meals for the family. So often you will grab a quick sandwich or realise you haven't even eaten lunch or breakfast that day.  Wonder why you ...
Butter fats

Aug 19 2014

How full fat foods can help you lose weight & slow the ageing process

Yes, I mean try and eat full fat yoghurt, proper butter and full fat milk!! Our hormones are made of fat so we need to support them and slow down the ageing process which we can do by eating the healthy fats. I'm not saying go and eat lots of ...
Women's Online Menopause Fitness Class

Aug 19 2014

September health push …. exercises to do for a month

I know time is short and whether you have school kids, new babies or are flat out at work, you just want exercises you can do at home & get it over with. So for practicality here is a body weight routine to get stuck into. Before you start, set ...
Specialist pregnancy pt fitness trainer.

Aug 19 2014

Exercises to avoid in early pregnancy & early post natal

The minute you get pregnant the hormone relaxin kicks in which prepares your pelvis for childbirth. This relaxes all your joints throughout pregnancy and will stay in you until you stop breast feeding - though it obviously lessens over time. So, avoid sudden twists & jerks, avoid over stretching, avoid ...
Vicki Hill Women's fitness classes for postnatal mums.

Jul 8 2014

Question: How can I get a flat tummy?

Answer is basically: you have to exercise like you mean it: short & intense at least 4x a week. You have to cut down on sugar. You have to watch your trans fats (cakes, biscuits, pastry). You should drink plenty of water. You should eat natural & unpackaged foods. You ...
Healthy Snacks

Jul 8 2014

When to eat & what to eat whilst exercising

When to eat ... before or after exercising? What is best to eat... before or after exercising? Carbs vs protein .... which is best?!! These last few weeks I've had my more post natal mums who come to my evening Fitness class (6mths PN & upwards) telling me they eat ...
Vicki Hill Women's fitness classes for postnatal mums.

Jul 8 2014

Eating and Exercising

The basic rule is that if you haven't eaten for hours or all day (which you shouldn't have, though in reality many are too busy to eat sometimes!) is to make sure you have had something at least an hour - 1 1/2hr's before exercising. Often just a couple of ...
Vicki Hill Women's fitness classes for postnatal mums.

Jul 8 2014

Eat the whole fruit and not too much fruit juice

If you are a fruit juice-aholic then read on! Many people do not realise that fruit juice - even the fresh non processed fruit juice contains so much sugar. This is because the skins have been taken off so try and have whole fruit (& veg) with the skin on ...
Coconut oil for alternative therapy

Jul 8 2014

Healthy oils to eat: Coconut oil to cook with Olive oil to eat cold

I have mentioned how wow Coconut oil is for you before as it metabolises in your body and doesn't turn to fats in the body. It has so many positive healthy benefits and you can now get more odourless coconut oils which don't taste quite so coconutty, to cook with. ...
Vicki Hill Women's fitness classes for postnatal mums.

Jun 10 2014

£4,500 raised by Buggyfit Bristol for Tommys

Congratulations and well done to the amazing Bristol ladies & men who took part in our 1st ever Tommy's Babyrace and raising an amazing £4,500. We had about 50 participants which included John, the only brave Dad, a few Grannies and a Grandpa. We were so lucky with the weather, ...
Are you an 'All or Nothing' person?

Jun 10 2014

Why it’s a NO to the 30 Day Abs challenge!

OK, a few of my Mums have asked me about this 30 Days Abs challenge that is going around FB at the moment, thankfully they have asked me about it before starting it!  I have always said how we need to work our deep core, those abs below the '6 ...
New Mum's getting back to fitness

Jun 10 2014

New Buggyfit Class started

Due to increased class sizes and the demand I have started a new Monday Buggyfit class for all levels. It is at 12.30pm on the Downs, meet near the café. Please remember to email me or contact me below before you start a new class or tell friends about Buggyfit, so ...
Fitness in Menopause

Jun 10 2014

Alternative Abs Challenge

The deep core abs that we need to work are the 'transabdominals' which are like a corset around your body, running from the pubic bone up and going around your body to your back - hence the trans abs are the ones which need to be stronger to support your ...
Alternative to sugar

May 13 2014

More on sugar!

I know I keep on about sugar, but I wanted to share more information about it to encourage you to really think about what you are eating  - in the different forms of sugar.  I did a Cancer Rehab & Exercise course a few years ago so I get emails ...
Fitness Series Part One - Fitness in Menopause

May 2 2014

Evening Postnatal Circuits Class

NEW EVENING CLASS.... At last I am going to set up a developmental evening class for those of you who have gone back to work and are looking for a supported class. You may be 6 months or 12 months postnatal (PN) but you are still PN and you body ...
Exercising outside.

May 2 2014

Postnatal Circuits Class

Thursday mornings at 10.30am at BS7 Gym (Gloucester County Cricket Club) there is a post 6 months post natal (PN) circuit class. This is a 45 minute class which babies/toddlers come along to & for those of you who want a bit more of a push postnatally.  We work the whole ...
Vicki Hill Women's fitness classes for postnatal mums.

May 2 2014

The Sugar vs. Fat Debate

Big in the news at the moment is about sugar and how we all eat more of it than necessary without actually realising how much we are eating. Everything we eat whether it be fruit, pasta, tomato sauce, bread etc. they all contain sugar. Tables have therefore turned, as it is now ...
Body Image and how we see ourselves

May 2 2014

Tommy’s Baby Race

This year we are holding Tommy's Baby Race.  This is an 8k fun power walk around the Downs on Tuesday 3rd June at 10am followed by a Teddy Bear's picnic!  It'll be a lovely morning where we all power walk for 8km and raise money for a fantastic charity close ...
Outdoor class for mum and baby, postnatal classes in Bristol.

May 2 2014

Quick Fire Exercises to Do at Home with Baby

Do you really want to lose your post baby weight? Do you really want to strengthen the gap in your abs? Do you really want to get a stronger core? If so, you can't just think about exercises or think that by going to one class a week it will ...
Vicki Hill Women's fitness classes for postnatal mums.

Apr 1 2014

Why wait 6 – 10 weeks before exercising post natally?

I get so many new mums email me asking when they can start exercising again and some are even wanting to get back to running at 8 weeks!! Ladies, I know many of you have heard me tell you just wait and let your body recover from its 9 months ...
Top Nutritional, Exercise & Health Tips

Mar 26 2014


Eat the healthy fats and plenty of them ladies! There is so much goodness in avocado, olive oil, different varieties of nuts (not salted or roasted though!!). Don’t avoid these essential fatty acids as they will help boost your energy levels rather than dull them like sugar does. I know ...


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