Quick Christmas Exercises

Exercising outside at Christmas.Squats - everyday, any time anywhere!! You cannot do enough. Single leg stands & squats - waiting in the queue in the post office, subtly stand on 1 leg & do little pulses!!

Abs - do your deep breathing, push against a solid structure, exhale as you push against it and focus on your abs.

Power walk with or without the buggy - if not much time, power up a hill 6 - 8 times!

Go for short sharp run (my more post natal ladies) - literally 20 mins, with a 5 min easy, 10 mins really pushing it or running up & down hills & then 5 min easy.

Then eat some nuts  - no not the dry roasted ones!! Almonds, brazil, hazelnuts, pecans, they are all great for you - just avoid eating the whole bag!!

Or eat some eggs  - excellent source of nutrition & will fill you up for longer.

Or eat a couple of oatcakes with pure, organic peanut or almond butter, or tinned mackerel or pilchards.  Quick easy post exercise or even pre exercise snacks.