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I regularly post with useful tips to help you with your fitness and nutrition. If you are just getting back to exercise after the birth of your baby or regularly attend my classes you'll find some useful information here.

Hormones, Sleep & Magnesium

Feb 29 2024

STRESS – why we need to know about it

I talk a lot about trying to get some ‘me time’ ie downtime, especially when you have a lot going on or are a bit stressed.  Today, I thought I would clear a few things up about stress, so you don’t end up stressing about being stressed and know what ...

Jun 18 2023

The wonders of blueberries!

Blueberries & the health benefits Amazing how these little fruits can be so beneficial for the body. The latest research from Kings College London & Reading Uni has been published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.  It has found that eating just a handful of blueberries daily for 3 ...
Muscle does not weigh more than fat

Feb 11 2023

5 things we get wrong about weight loss

'How can I lose my weight?' or 'How can I lose this ring around my tummy?' or 'How can I lose my postnatal weight?' These have to be the questions I am asked on a weekly basis!! I am the 1st to admit - I am NOT an expert on ...

Jan 1 2023

How to set realistic & long-lived goals

I think I write something every new year, about trying NOT to set too many New year resolutions!!! I say probably say, every year – THEY DON’T WORK!!  IF you write to me to say, sorry but they do work as I have carried on with my new year resolution ...
Hormones, Sleep & Magnesium

Dec 10 2022

Stress, rest & recovery

Burnout Certain times of the year can be very stressful for you. It could be a month full of birthdays, lots of parties or an important time with work schedules. December, for example, can be incredibly stressful. Christmas shopping Christmas parties /drinks Kids plays or productions Work deadlines Keeping up ...
Women's brain health

Nov 24 2022

Brain health for women

Brain health in the menopause So much talk is about our hormones and all the symptoms of the menopause.  How much do YOU think about your brain health, heart health, pelvic health and bone health??? However, if I told you the following, will you start being more aware of your ...

Oct 13 2022

Menopause Q&A’s

October is Menopause Awareness month & the 18th October 2022 is World Menopause Day. Firstly, I asked YOU to send me questions that you have about your symptoms or questions you have.  Here they are in one place: Qu: I am 38 yrs old.  A year ago, I started experiencing ...

May 7 2022

Mental Health Awareness

Anxiety, depression, ADHD There are so many different forms of mental illness and most scarily - very often it isn't seen or recognised. The whole point of the Awareness Weeks are to educated people. ( IF you think a friend/family member has become slightly more down or anxious or isn't ...


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