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I regularly post with useful tips to help you with your fitness and nutrition. If you are just getting back to exercise after the birth of your baby or regularly attend my classes you'll find some useful information here.

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What are PCOS and Endometriosis?

Sep 4 2021

New Focus, New YOU!

September!  I always look at September as a fresh start, a new focus and to look at what I would like to aim to do in the Autumn. How about you?  You've had the wonderful summer holidays, or maybe you haven't and you are about to have your holiday?? Maybe ...
Pictures of different levels of pelvic floor prolapse.

Apr 10 2021

Pelvic health

My passion and aim is to encourage women to ACT NOW and start to look after their pelvic floor!  It doesn't matter whether you have or haven't had a baby, are peri or post menopausal or are in your 70's.  It is never too late to actually look after your ...
Women's Health - the WHOLE picture

Sep 11 2020

Women’s Health – the WHOLE picture

You are a woman - PLEASE read this!! When I qualified as a personal trainer back in 2006 I was just that - a personal trainer.  I had never really thought about training women differently and how we move, how our hormones can affect us. I was never told that ...
The All Important Magnesium

Jul 19 2020

The All Important Magnesium

What is Magnesium & it's importance as a Mineral? Magnesium is a mineral - a mineral is a substance which originates in rocks or metal ores!  Many minerals are essential for our health & we now generally get them from plants, fruits or vegetables.  Magnesium is a Macro-mineral which we ...
How can I lose my big tummy?

Jul 5 2020

How can I lose my tummy?

Had a C section - even 20 years ago?  Had a Diastasis or 'split abs' as some people call it?  Or just feel you have never 'lost the tummy' after having kids??  Or have you lost weight everywhere but still can't get rid of the paunchy tummy? I have women ...
Our Monthly Cycle & Our Hormones

Jun 17 2020

Our Monthly Cycle & Our Hormones

How our hormones affect us during the monthly cycle Have you ever really followed your monthly cycle?? Many women don't.  They don't think of it except for maybe knowing they are coming on as they are eating more or getting very irritable or getting very bloated.  However, have you ever ...
What is a Pelvic Organ Prolapse?

Jun 10 2020

What is a Pelvic Organ Prolapse?

June is Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) Awareness month ..... Do you know what a pelvic organ prolapse/POP is?? Basically it is when the fascia and ligaments in your pelvic floor muscles relax and your pelvic organs move out of place.  It feels like your pelvic organs are bulging into each ...
In Vicki Hill's PT studio

Jun 7 2020

Where are you now?

Isn't it odd, we are now nearly 1/2 way through the year!! Sorry, maybe you didn't want to be reminded of that, having spent nearly 3 months of the year house bound.  Looking back at the start of the year and all your good intentions for the year 2020 - ...
Why its good to progress gradually

May 10 2020

Why its good to progress gradually

Progress safely I am definitely from the school of slow and steady progression.  Many a time I have heard about someone coming back from an injury too soon, pushed it too much and wham bam - back to where they started with their injury!! I know most of us are ...
Well-being and anxiety.

Apr 12 2020

Hope, Positiveness & that niggling Anxiety

How are you all doing?? How have YOU been coping with the change in your life? It has been so interesting reading about and hearing from different friends at this time - a common theme has been about their not sleeping well or this general feeling of anxiety they have. ...
Fitness in Menopause.

Mar 29 2020

Are you Exercising ‘right’ for your body?

Are you doing the right exercise to suit your body? This is something I really wanted to put out there at this very unique time of our lives.  It is unique in so many ways - we are stuck at home, home teaching, allowed to go outdoors 1x a day ...
Evening fitness classes are fun and get you working on your strength and fitness.

Mar 23 2020

Online & Live classes are going well. Do join me, if you can!

How are YOU 6 weeks in? Updated 18 March 2020 How are YOU 6wks in? from Vicki on Vimeo. Hi Everyone, A very quick hello to see how everyone is getting on. For those who have joined me for classes I hope you are enjoying them and thank you. They ...
New Mum's getting back to fitness

Mar 15 2020

Fitness Series 2 – New Mum’s getting back to fitness

New Mum's, those with a weak core, diastasis or pelvic floor issues This is such a vast area to talk about regarding improving or getting back to fitness levels.  I will break it up into the earlier post-natal woman and then those who are going on for a year plus.  ...

Feb 16 2020


You’re probably wondering when this photo was taken – certainly not a recent one with the wind and rain we have had these past few weeks!! No, this was at the Lido in February last year. We had the most amazing week of warm sunshine. This was taken when I ...
An interesting take on non-dairy milks

Feb 1 2020

An interesting take on non-dairy milks

This is a topic everyone is talking about going into 2020. Importantly, it is about looking at alternatives to save our planet.  It is amazing how many people are now turning to Veganism or have done Veganary – if you are one, I would love to know how you got ...
Body Image and how we see ourselves

Jan 19 2020

Body Image and how we see ourselves

  As we start a new year it always makes me think of new beginnings and how so many people try to change so much, try to lose weight, start something new and punishing ...... but why do we feel we have this need to 'improve' or make ourselves 'look ...
Vicki Hill Women's Health and Fitness

Dec 15 2019

How is your back or Pelvic Floor pressure when lifting?

I have had a few questions sent to me by Imogen, one of my Buggyfit Mum's, who has asked advise with lifting - especially when in a difficult position. This applies to EVERYONE, not just new mum's. How do you lift?? Do you bend from the tummy?  Do you know ...
End of a Decade & How are YOU?

Dec 8 2019

End of a Decade & How are YOU?

Wow can you believe we are coming to an end of this decade! Into the 2020's next month. Are you the type to spend time thinking about what you have done these last few years?  Or do you look ahead at new horizons and think about what you would like ...
The Impact of Stress on our Bodies

Nov 24 2019

The Impact of Stress on our Bodies

This year has been a bit of an emotionally stressful one for me and I have definitely felt it in my body.  I don't think we realise how much pressure our body takes and how hard it has to work when stressed. In the work I do, I spend so ...
Are you an 'All or Nothing' person?

Nov 10 2019

Are you an ‘All or Nothing’ person?

I often say to my clients, 'a little is better than nothing'.  However, some people just feel they have to go to the gym or exercise for a whole hour or 1 1/2 hrs to make it worthwhile.  Is that you?? WHY?? I think this used to be instilled into ...

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