Postnatal Exercise 

I regularly post with useful tips to help you with your fitness and nutrition. If you are just getting back to exercise after the birth of your baby or regularly attend my classes you'll find some useful information here.

Let's get fit and toned

May 26 2024

How can I stay fitter & stronger as I age??

I know I have talked about these subjects a lot, but a few ladies fed back to me when I asked what they wanted to see in my newsletters. So I thought I would take a new approach to talking about fitness & strength as we age. In the ideal ...

Nov 15 2023

How to get a ‘Bang for your Buck’

Most of us are short of time.  There never seems to be enough hours in the day – or I certainly find that.  I am sure the older we get time seems to zoom by even faster. You may be someone who enjoys doing cardio exercise but feels they want ...

Nov 12 2023

A little is better than nothing

Small habits may become bigger habits! A few years ago I listened to  Chatterjee podcast with BJ Fog, a behavioural scientist, called 'The Secret to making new habits stick'. I then bought his book 'Tiny Habits'. I'm telling you this as the one thing I took note of and thought ...
Almonds to boost energy

Aug 25 2023

Why we all need fat!

I thought I would offer a completely different look at fat and how it affects how we look at our bodies.  Are you one of the millions who 'hates' her lumps & bumps or is always trying to lose weight??  Have you ever actually thought about WHY we have fat ...
Vicki Hill Women's fitness classes for postnatal mums.

Jul 26 2023


Part 2 of the What Can I do? Series.  As I said in the last blog, it is frustrating as there can be so much out there and you just don’t know what is right or which you should try. Here are a few more pieces of advice.  These are ...

Jul 15 2023

What can I do?

SO, WHAT CAN I DO? It can be really frustrating; you are told so many different things on how to do this or how to do that. However, have you found that often you read blogs or emails to draw you in, but they don’t answer your question? I follow ...

Jul 1 2023

Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex when breastfeeding

Have you felt some very weird sensations/emotions when you are breastfeeding? Do you suddenly think you are a terrible mother when you are breastfeeding your baby? Do you think very negative thoughts when breastfeeding your baby? Do you get very sad & feel really down when feeding? Do these thoughts ...

May 20 2023

All about Hypopressives

You may have seen that I trained in Hypopressives last year.  You also may still be wondering – well what on earth are hypopressives & how can they help with a pelvic organ prolapse or dysfunctional pelvic floor?? You may be reading this as you do have a prolapse or ...

Apr 22 2023

The Benefits of my Online Membership

I am very excited to be branching out into the realm of online memberships for exercises / workouts.  I have worked really hard at creating this and it has taken me FOREVER!  Those who know me, know that websites & anything technical like IT, are just not my friend! With ...
The menstrual cycle

Apr 20 2023

The hormones Explained

How often do you feel really tired or angry or want to eat crap food just before you have your period? How often do you actually think about your energy levels and your monthly cycle? If you do still have periods, the most useful tool you can get - is ...
New Mum's getting back to fitness

Oct 14 2022

Fitness Series 2 – New Mum’s getting back to fitness

New Mum's, those with a weak core, diastasis or pelvic floor issues This is such a vast area to talk about regarding improving or getting back to fitness levels.  I will break it up into the earlier post-natal woman and then those who are going on for a year plus.  ...
Body Image and how we see ourselves

Sep 17 2022

Physical changes in the body in pregnancy & post birth

How do I know which exercises I can do after giving birth? Basically - it depends on your body, genetics, how your birth was and what sort of birth you have.  The fact is that we are all different.  We have different levels of strength to begin with, our connective ...

Jul 22 2022

Women’s Health is about ALL women

Ok, so YES, GREAT, the menopause is finally getting the news it absolutely deserves. However, I work in women's health.  I work with women who have had a hysterectomy, have endometriosis, have PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), who have a prolapse, have a diastasis.  These are all women's health issues which ...

Jul 22 2022

How to look after your body as a new mum

Typical things new mums have to do: Bend over cots Lift buggies Change nappies on the floor or low surface Push buggies up hills or on grass Feed the baby and hold in a set position for long periods of time These are all movements that new mums have to ...
Diastasis diagram of different versions

Jul 9 2022

Diastasis Recti or ‘split abs’!!

I always try to educate ladies who come to see me, so they know what is going on in their bodies and know WHY they may be getting referred pain or tightness. Diastasis Recti (DR) is just one of those misunderstood bodily functions that women come and see me about.  ...

Apr 8 2022

The whole body impact of scars

Have you had an operation at all?? Even a small or key hole operation??  If so, you will have had some form of scar tissue underneath the scar.  Look at it like the ocean - it may look lovely and smooth and calm on the top but deep down there ...

Feb 22 2022

Exercise for New Mums

When can I get back to exercise after giving birth? This is a very common question and maybe you're a new mum reading this and biting at the bit to get back. Or maybe you aren't? Maybe you are still in some pain from either having had stitches/episiotomy or had ...
What are PCOS and Endometriosis?

Sep 4 2021

New Focus, New YOU!

September!  I always look at September as a fresh start, a new focus and to look at what I would like to aim to do in the Autumn. How about you?  You've had the wonderful summer holidays, or maybe you haven't and you are about to have your holiday?? Maybe ...

Jul 8 2021

The right sports kit for women

Do you buy your sports kit because it looks good, you like the colours or shape? Do you think much about your sports bra - ever get fitted? Are you still wearing the same sports bra you bought 5 or even 8 or so years ago? How about your trainers ...
Pictures of different levels of pelvic floor prolapse.

Apr 10 2021

Pelvic health

My passion and aim is to encourage women to ACT NOW and start to look after their pelvic floor!  It doesn't matter whether you have or haven't had a baby, are peri or post menopausal or are in your 70's.  It is never too late to actually look after your ...


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