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Buggyfit is a great way to meet other mums in the same boat as you. Because you bring your baby along, there are no childcare issues, and all that fresh air is bound to tire out them out!

Buggyfit: An outdoor fitness class with friends

Classes are an hour long and run every day, using band work and bodyweight exercises and safe cardio to help you exercise effectively. It’s fun, safe and as a licensed Buggyfit trainer I or one of my qualified trainers are always on hand to make sure you’re doing the exercises correctly, and not causing yourself any harm.

“It’s difficult to say what I would have done without Vicki since having my first baby!! My sister and I turned up to Buggyfit with 12 week old babies ready to kick back into athletic action! I have always hated classes and had no expectation of enjoying Buggyfit! My daughter is now 15 months old and I continue to go to Vicki’s classes!”

Elly - Feedback from Buggyfit

How to Book

If you haven’t come along before, please fill in the Health Screening form before you arrive.


You can buy 1, 5 or 10 Buggyfit class passes.
Please note that if you buy 5 class passes they will last for 8 weeks, they will then expire. If you buy 10 class passes they last for 15 weeks before they expire.


Once you have made payment you will still need to book onto a class. You can book on via the ‘Book Now’ button, or using the details below and it will take you to my booking system and you will see the different classes via a calendar. Book onto the class you want, and use your class pass to make payment. If you create an account it will remember your password and make it easier to book on.


Please note that if you cancel your class you will lose the payment. You can however reschedule your class so you do not lose it. So please reschedule before 9am on the day of your class otherwise you will not get the money/class back, thank you.

Further Information

You can use any type of buggy as there is no running with the buggy. PLEASE read the info about how to book & please FILL OUT THE FORM.  You’ll also need to bring something to lie on.

Costs and Locations

Tuesdays 11 – 12 noon – Buggyfit

The Downs, Retreat Café, BS9 1FG

Wednesdays 11 – 12 noon – Buggyfit

Horfield Common, The Ardagh, BS7 8SU / BS6 7YL

Fridays 11 – 12 noon – Buggyfit

St Andrews Park BS6

Passes and Vouchers

Classes Available

For more information or if you have any concerns or queries, please get in touch.

“I have been training with Vicki for 7 years, I first started as I wanted to get fit and lose some of the baby weight from two pregnancies. She tailor made the sessions to ensure that it was safe and fun, within the first year I ran my first 10k then 1/2 marathon. She then trained me throughout my 3rd pregnancy in which it was my healthiest and easiest pregnancy due to my fitness. The post natal training was excellent in ensuring that I did not push it too hard or do any irreparable damage. She understands and ensures that training sessions are fun, safe, but pushes you at the same time. She teaches about good eating and health habits and helps set realistic goals that build your self-confidence, mental health and wellbeing. She has a very holistic approach.”

Karen E