Early Morning HIIT Classes

This class runs up until the end of the year, with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) style sessions. There’s a lot of running, skipping and burpee type exercises, which offers a high post-workout fat burn.

A HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) / Tabatta style session

My new Winter HIIT class will run up until the end of the year.  We will aim to get outdoors in Horfield Common but we do now have the flexibility of doing it on Zoom if conditions are looking very bleak!

It is a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) / Tabatta style session with whole body cardio exercises.  There’s a lot of running on the spot, skipping and burpee type exercises, which offers a high post-workout fat burn.  Those who have dumbbells tend to bring those to sessions.

They will run on a Friday morning via Zoom (usually at Horfield Common) at 6.30-7am and this block is 6 weeks.

As always – this is NOT suitable for new mums or anyone with pelvic floor dysfunction or a diastasis.

It was awesome. After I got over the shock of the early starts, I felt great and energised. It kick started me back to shape and fitness after baby number two. Good fun too, weirdly! I also lost inches happily, although the scales didn’t shift. People remarked on how good I looked.

Caroline, Fitness HIIT Classes

How to Book

Winter Morning HIIT will run until the end of the year

Please note: This course is NOT for new mums or anyone with pelvic floor issues or if you still have a proper diastasis.

If you are attending please fill out a health screening form before you attend.

To book please get in touch or book online.

Costs and Locations

When: Friday mornings at 6.30-7am

Current 6 week block: Friday 8 January up to and including Friday 15 February

If you would like to join mid way through please just email me.

Next 6 week block: Starts on Friday 26 February up to and including Friday 2 March

Where: Currently via Zoom

How Much: £60

*prices vary on length of course

Further Information

You will also need to bring:

A skipping rope (from experience it is worth buying a decent one – the cheap ones tend to break!)

I would also look at investing in a set of 3 or 4kg dumbbells for those who want to carry on over the summer when we add more weights.

Not sure which fitness class is for you.

For more information or if you have any concerns or queries, please get in touch.

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