Holistic Core Restore®- Everywoman

Designed to improve your core strength and pelvic floor, this popular programme covers nourishment, hydration and core strengthening exercises as well as the importance of rest and self care. It really is the best way to set you up for a lifetime of good pelvic health.

Everything Menopause Programme

Pelvic Floor Health in the 6 or 12-week foundation course

Holistic Core Restore® EveryWoman2 course is a comprehensive 6 or 12-week programme designed for women at all stages (from pregnancy through to postnatal to post menopause) who want to work on pelvic floor, core and overall health with a functional exercise programme.

We talk about nutrition to aid recovery and there are homework videos to enhance your progress.  You get your own exercise crib sheets with photos of the exercises and kit included.

The NEW programme is split into two phases –  the first 6 weeks, ‘Attune & Active’ will be run live at The Elmgrove Centre, Elmgrove Rd, Redland, Bristol BS6 6AH with me.  The second 6 weeks will be an online programme with recorded videos, with ongoing support from me.

Phase 1 is the perfect opportunity for you to really master the exercises and achieve some brilliant results, while Phase 2 will ensure you capitalise on what you have achieved already and help you integrate core and pelvic floor exercise into your life on an ongoing basis.  We have Pelvic rest videos, Attune section which will mobilise and release the body and then the Active exercises.

Phase 1 is about connecting with your body – your core and your pelvic floor.  You may need to focus on relaxing more and relaxing the pelvic floor or you may need more of a focus on strengthening the pelvic floor and deep abdominals.  You get crib sheets with photos of the exercises and we can choose the right exercises for YOU.

Classes are small, with a maximum of 8 on each course.  It really is the best way to reconnect, to then lead on to strengthening and then lead on further to taking it up to safe more active exercises .

Phase 2 – is 6 weeks of you working through the harder exercises at home, still with the support from me, homework videos to follow with crib sheets.  You should then be ready to go back to sports or classes that you want to get back to.

The Maintenance Classes

If you have ever done the HCR Everywoman course  but are interested in doing the newer version of the Everywoman2 course, then get in touch.  You will pay just for the sessions rather than the kit (presuming you still have the kit!)  Just get in touch.

Holistic Core Restore® Everywoman Programme
Holistic Core Restore®

“The focus on release and relaxation. Vicki set up a really lovely space and it was a nicely sized group so it was easy to ask questions when we needed to and it didn’t feel overcrowded at all. It was lovely to have a focus on letting things go. This was a good time in the evening too and it was nice to round off the day feeling so zen!”

Feedback from the Holistic Core Restore® Course

How to Book

If you are attending please fill out a health screening form before you attend.

This course can usually be done on a 1:1 basis too, get in touch if you are interested.

Costs and Locations

Holistic Core Restore®- Everywoman2

When: Thursdays 11.00am  – 12.15pm

Next course: date TBC, please email if interested and would like to go on the waiting list

Where: Sessions will be at the Elmgrove Centre, Elmgrove Rd, Redland, Bristol BS6 6AH

Price: You can either pay for the full 12 weeks at £220 (can pay in installments) OR you can pay for 6 weeks live course at £155 with the option at the end of the course to continue to the online portion of the course for an additional £85

The Maintenance Classes

3 x 45 minutes sessions for £40

When: next sessions TBC

Not sure which fitness class is for you.

For more information or if you have any concerns or queries, please get in touch.

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