Hypopressives are an amazing holistic way for you to regain control of your pelvic floor & to support those of you with a pelvic organ prolapse.

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Hypopressives help tone & support the pelvic organs, and provide a specialist way of breathing to help support those with a prolapse


Hypopressives are an amazing holistic way for you to regain control of your pelvic floor and support a pelvic organ prolapse.   It is about improving the resting tone & strength of your whole body and can also help improve your sports stamina and create a sense of calm/relaxation in your body.

It has very good results for women who have a pelvic organ prolapse (POP) – you can learn how to support the prolapse / pelvic floor and help you get back to exercising safely & confidently with a prolapse.

I will soon be adding this in my 1:1 work and create small, short classes for those who learn how to do it.  You will need a 6 session course to then enable you to do the ‘flow’ & poses on your own or at the short online ‘flow sessions which I will be offering.

Hypopressives work well with my Holistic Core Restore® work – which is also about the holistic approach and the importance of breath work.

You can read more about hypopressives in this blog

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