Everything Menopause Programme

I’m very excited to be in the process of introducing a course which I believe is totally new to Bristol, new to many women & not just an exercise class.  I am creating a course for women who are peri-menopausal, going through the menopause or post menopause.  It will be an education, as well as a fitness class, as well as a well-being class – all in one.

Learn more about the Menopause

My new Menopause Health, Wellbeing & Fitness Course will be for any woman who wants to learn and do more about the menopause. I am working closely with Jules Hellens Bristol’s Wellbeing Coach who specialises in menopause support.

Jules and I will be offering nutrition support, well-being support, fitness support and also educate women on what exactly is going on with their bodies.

For example women think they are maybe depressed – but you are not necessarily depressed –  it could be your hormones which aren’t balanced.  Your weight gain may not be down to eating more – again it could be that you need to change how you exercise or start exercising to suit your menopausal body.

The course is for women who are:


Do you feel something is changing, happening to your body but you aren’t sure what.  Is this you?  Are you in your early 40’s and thinking you are getting hotter at the time of your period?  Is your period very heavy one month and hardly anything the other month? Or are you missing a month altogether?

Going through the Menopause

For women who are actually going through the menopause – maybe having hot flushes, periods happening sporadically even 4 or 5 months with no periods?  Do you perhaps feel more low than you used to, no energy or get up and go?  Are you feeling your usual exercise is just no longer helping with your weight – you seem to be putting more on than losing it?

Post Menopause

Have you been through the menopause?  ie are you no longer having periods?  Have you had a full hysterectomy & gone through immediate menopause?  Are you feeling better and ready to get a new lease of life learning how to now support your menopausal body – build muscle mass rather than lose it?

How to Book

Please do email me (pt@vickihill.co.uk) if you are interested in joining this course, which will start in as soon as possible.

The course numbers will be limited so we can create a real community support.

Costs and Locations

At the moment it is looking to be a Thursday afternoon course, though nothing is in stone yet.

Email me at pt@vickihill.co.uk if you would like to be put on the waiting list.

Further Information

PLEASE get in touch or please send this link to someone you know who may benefit from this course.  Our aim is to educate and help women about what they can do before, during or after the menopause.

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For more information or if you have any concerns or queries, please get in touch.