Mums, Bums and Tums

Once you’ve gone through the Everywoman Holistic Core Restore® programme or you are pelvic floor ready this is your next step and we take it up a notch or two with a change in music and tempo to get you moving but with a deep respect for your pelvic health.

Pelvic Floor Friendly Exercise Programme

The Mums Bums & Tums (MBT) classes are cardio & strengthening exercises that are ‘Pelvic Floor Friendly’! It’s a ‘no-jump’ workout that will hit the fat loss markers and jump start your metabolism and keep you burning calories for hours after the exercise session. So, NO burpees or star jumps here – it is about looking after you body the right way!

This class is usually the follow on from the Holistic Core Restore® Everywoman course.  Ideally you will have been through the essential breathing and engagement education first. Do always email me if you haven’t done the Everywoman course as you may be fine to join.

It is a very popular class but it is a real feel good session, working all muscle groups as well as getting the heart rate up.

Please get in touch if you want to know more about it.

“I have trained with Vicki for nearly three years now and find her to be a very knowledgeable and motivational trainer. Starting out with her buggy fit class following the birth of my daughter I was impressed by her pre and post natal training and felt very safe knowing she was experienced in this area. I then progressed on to her other classes, Bums mums and tums, outdoor fitness classes and for the last year I have been enjoying weekly PT sessions with Vicki. Vicki always pushes me to achieve my goals and I always look forward to our sessions. She is very passionate about women’s fitness and that really comes across in her training and classes.”

Nicola H

How to Book

For more information or if you want to book onto these courses please get in touch with me first so I can assess which course is best for you.  Please email me

Costs and Locations

When: Monday evenings

Next block starts: Monday 24 February until Monday 6 April (6 wks as no class on Monday 16 March as Vicki is away)

Time: 7.30 – 8.15pm

Where: Westbury Park School, 13 Bayswater Ave, Bristol BS6 7NU

Price: £51 for 6 weeks and £60 for 7 weeks

Classes Available

Further Information

Please remember to contact me first before booking onto this course.

For more information or if you have any concerns or queries, please get in touch.

“Not only is she motivating, she also brings a sense of fun to all her classes. And her passion for women’s health really comes across in everything she does. I highly recommend Vicki’s classes to anyone looking to improve their fitness and well-being.”

Nic T