Online Menopause Fitness

For any women stuck at home and want to start working out again.

Are you going through the menopause or the peri-menopause?

Due to COVID-19 I am now offering a new online menopause fitness class to help keep everyone as active as possible.

It is a chance for more menopausal women to get more active again, this is aimed at women with a basic level of fitness where we will start and then build fitness from there.

This class is for women who are peri-menopausal, going through the menopause or post-menopause.

Other menopause fitness classes

For those menopausal who are already quite fit please take a look at my Online Evening Fitness classes as well as my Online Mums, Bums & Tums classes.

How to Book

Please make sure you have filled in the health screening form before starting

You will get a new video each week and the videos will be available to watch for one week.

Costs and Locations

When: Wednesday afternoons

Dates: TBC

Time: 2pm

Where: At home

Price: 3 weeks for £21

*prices vary on length of course

Classes Available

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For more information or if you have any concerns or queries, please get in touch.