I offer 1:1 personal training and body assessments as well as a different range of classes and an online programme you can do at home.


Buggyfit is a great way to meet other mums in the same boat as you. Because you bring your baby along, there are no childcare issues, and all that fresh air is bound to tire out them out!

Evening Fitness

Once you’ve gone back to work after maternity leave it can be hard to fit exercise into your busy schedule. That’s why my evening fitness sessions are just 45 minutes, focusing on fitness, body weight and strengthening.
Holistic Core Restore Athlete 12

Holistic Core Restore® – Athlete 12 Course

An opportunity to get FITTER, FASTER, STRONGER!  This is a great course if you are short on time, can’t get out to classes or just want to do more exercise. You can do it when and where you like –  in your garden, at home or even on holiday & it will only take 20 minutes!

Holistic Core Restore® – Everywoman

Designed to improve your core strength and pelvic floor, this popular programme covers nourishment, hydration and core strengthening exercises as well as the importance of rest and self care. It really is the best way to set you up for a lifetime of good pelvic health.

Holistic Core Restore® – Rel-ease

Forget ‘stretching’ - let’s RELEASE, RELAX, UNWIND AND RE-ALIGN! Let’s change the narrative about what we need do to as busy women, living in a hectic world to feel good in our skins on a daily basis.

Menopause Fitness Course

I’m very excited to be in the process of introducing a course which I believe is totally new to Bristol, new to many women & not just an exercise class.  I am creating a course for women who are peri-menopausal, going through the menopause or post menopause.  It will be an education, as well as a fitness class, as well as a well-being class – all in one.

Mums, Bums and Tums

Once you’ve gone through the Everywoman Holistic Core Restore® programme or you are pelvic floor ready this is your next step and we take it up a notch or two with a change in music and tempo to get you moving but with a deep respect for your pelvic health.

Personal Training

Do you have clear fitness or core strengthening goals that you want to achieve? Whatever your goal, I can help you put a personalised plan in place to give you the best possible chance, and then work with you every step of the way to get you over the line.

Pregnancy Fitness

Do you want to carry on exercising in your pregnancy?  Not sure what you can do or should be avoiding?  Do you want a bit more than Pilates or yoga classes?

Summer HITT

This class runs throughout the summer with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) / Tabatta style sessions featuring 20 seconds of hard exercises followed by 10 seconds of easy exercise on repeat. There’s a lot of running, skipping and burpee type exercises, which offers a high post workout fat burn.

Personal Training

Whatever your goal, I can help you put a personalised training plan in place to give you the best possible chance of success, and then work with you every step of the way to get you over the line.