Pregnancy Support

I offer an integrated, functional movement programme, specially designed to keep mums-to-be strong, mobile and pain free throughout their pregnancy and get ready for the birth of the baby.

We’ll get re-acquainted with your Pelvic Floor and the rest of your Core and help you exercise safely throughout the 2nd & 3rd Trimesters.

Your first trimester

These early weeks should be about trying to slow down and look after yourself. Your body is going through huge changes, both physical and hormonal. It needs time to adjust so give yourself a break. Hormones work to relax your muscles, ligaments and joints to get ready for the birth.  I DO NOT offer training in this trimester.

Your second trimester

This is the stage of your pregnancy when you have the most energy and can probably do more than you think .  Have a look at my Pregnancy Assessment page.  I am now offering one-off 1:1 sessions during the 2nd, 3rd & 4th trimester.

We will steer clear of anything that might do more harm than good, like planking and sit-ups that tighten your core in the wrong way – at this stage it’s meant to be expanding. Instead we’ll focus on band work, deep core & pelvic floor work through breathing, and plenty of safe aerobic exercises, all designed to get you in the best possible shape for what lies in store.

Your third trimester

During your final trimester, the types of activity you are able to do will depend on how you’re feeling. We’ll take into account how big your tummy is, and whether you’re suffering from any common pregnancy conditions like SPD or sacroiliac pain in your pelvis. The good news is that if you are, I can help.  I can refer you to the right musco-skeletal physios, Osteopaths or chiropractors to add to your care.

Your 3rd trimester is about preparing the body and mind for your birth. So I will focus on the best exercises for you in this trimester as well as think about the importance of nutrition for you and your baby at this stage.

Your Fourth Trimester

The first 8 – 10 weeks after your baby is born is known as the 4th trimester. I can advise on what are the best ways to support the body post birth. I will look at and check the tummy for weakness in the mid line, check C-section scars, and help you to support the tummy and pelvic floor.  It is about a gentle post birth recovery.

"I started focusing on my pelvic floor muscles during my daily activities, such as when picking up my toddler etc. I feel more tone around my waist but I know it’s only the beginning and I have to keep practicing. I started eating more proteins and reduced my coffee. Generally I feel better about myself knowing that I am doing something positive and eating well."

Feedback from the Holistic Core Restore Course ®

"I would highly recommend this course to anyone postnatal. I don't think women take postnatal & pelvic floor issues seriously enough and we should have more awareness around repairing our bodies and properly strengthening our pelvic floor and core. This course gave me the tools to learn to do this safely."

Feedback from the Holistic Core Restore Course ®

I can't think of anything as I found it perfect much for what I needed. Homework was easily accessible on my phone which was very important as I don’t have time to put my laptop on with two small children.

Feedback from the Holistic Core Restore Course ®


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