12 March 2022

Do you struggle with fatigue?


Always Tired??

We all get tired from time to time.  Late nights, long work hours or the kids keeping you up at night – can all leave you feeling temporarily worn out. But this is not the only form of tiredness impacting the inhabitants of the modern world.

STOP for a minute.

Grab a pen and paper and jot down how you feel.

Then look at what your lifestyle is like:

Do you not stop during the day?

Do you stay up late?

Are you on your phone/laptop till 10pm?

Are you eating lots of sugar/starchy carbs?

Are you stressed?

Are you over exercising?

These are all areas to have a look at.  Excessive tiredness & fatigue can be so much more than not sleeping well.  It is a time to assess your lifestyle and to maybe take one at a time and try to improve.  You are not going to gain more energy if you are constantly doing a lot of the list above.  It really is time for you to have a look at your lifestyle!

Sometimes it may be due to other factors – is your body lacking certain nutrients/vitamins?

Low Iron or Vitamin B12?

Women especially are more prone to lower iron levels.  This is one of the 1st things I would get checked out – explain to your GP you are unusually tired.  Hopefully the GP will get your full blood count done so you can check your iron, Vitamin B12 &  thyroid checked.  These can all have a big impact on your body and the fatigue that you may have.

Prolonged Fatigue

When you find you are constantly tired for days/weeks  at a time – have a look – are you overdoing it all the time?  You could have adrenal fatigue.   The term ‘adrenal fatigue’ was 1st brought up by Dr James L Wilson.  The term describes below-optimal functioning of the adrenal glands, which he explains in his book ‘Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome’.

The adrenal glands are linked to the stress response – the body’s natural defence mechanism against real or perceived danger.  Their primary role is to produce stress hormones, including cortisol, in response to stress.  Cortisol is the fight or flight hormone.  We do need it to help us  get up in the morning.  It should generally maintain steady energy throughout the day but should fall as you get to the end of the day, so you can sleep at night.  This is known as the diurnal rhythm.

If you are constantly stressed or putting your body through constant pressure and stress then you will start getting exhausted.  Your diurnal rhythm would then be out of sync and all over the place.

Tackling YOUR fatigue

As I said above – write down what is full on in your life.  Really have a look at your lifestyle:

  • Manage your time – look and see how you can change a few things to get a bit of ‘ME’ Time
  • Nutrition – eat plenty of protein, cut down on sugary foods and starchy carbs
  • Exercise – its about managing what you do and avoiding over training
  • Get outdoors – especially in the morning if you can – it helps your sleep as it keeps your circadian rhythm level
  • Meditate / breathe / stop for a few minutes – look at becoming more mindful
  • Finally – of course Sleep & rest – make time for it and try and build a little routine and stick to it.

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