08 December 2019

End of a Decade & How are YOU?


Wow can you believe we are coming to an end of this decade! Into the 2020’s next month.

Are you the type to spend time thinking about what you have done these last few years?  Or do you look ahead at new horizons and think about what you would like to do in the future – ‘when I grow up’!!

I do quite like a new start to give me a boost, maybe re-think what I offer with my classes or 1:1 AND what I personally want to try and achieve.  A few years ago I started horse riding again (I spent my whole childhood and teens horse obsessed!)  It was really great to go back to horses again after so many years.  I loved my weekly connect with the horses.  My version of ME TIME & down-time.

However, as with so many things, work began to get in my way.  Unfortunately, the stables I had found were a 25 minute drive up the motorway – that wasn’t great, but I couldn’t find any decent stables more locally.  I now haven’t ridden for over a year, so come 2020 I AM going to find stables closer to home and just enjoy going for hacks instead of trying to ride perfectly!!

I held a ‘Pelvic Floor & the Menopause’ talk the other evening, with the wonderfully knowledgeable Helen Hodder. It was a smaller group than the 1st one we did – you know what, it was so much better, more informal and it was more interactive.  Though I just want to educate women, I have realised smaller informal groups are so much better than large groups.

What was really talked about is the need to go into the menopause strong – not necessarily strong in the physical sense, but health wise.  It was as much about our need to SLOW DOWN & have some of this much needed ME TIME. Stress and the hormone cortisol need to maintained NOT in overdrive all the time.

Our adrenal glands are so important to our energy and stress levels. We want to avoid going into the menopause in adrenal exhaustion.  Therefore it is also about eating well, plenty of protein and healthy fats:

Vitamin B complex, Vitamin D, Zinc & magnesium are all essential vitamins and minerals that we need as we go into the times when our hormones and bodies are all over the place.

New mums and peri menopausal women have so much in common with regards to needing to be healthy as you go into a new stage of your life. So, please do eat well – the rainbow diet – all coloured foods and don’t avoid fats like nuts, avocados or olive oil!

Start now, to make the 2020’s an era to get and stay healthy in your mindset, your nutrition and overall wellbeing! Breathe and enjoy a sunset when you see one – RELAX and leave everything else till later!!

End of a Decade & How are YOU?


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