15 November 2023

How to get a ‘Bang for your Buck’


Most of us are short of time.  There never seems to be enough hours in the day – or I certainly find that.  I am sure the older we get time seems to zoom by even faster.

You may be someone who enjoys doing cardio exercise but feels they want to and maybe need to do more strength exercises.  However, you don’t want to give your running/cardio up as it is so good for your mental health & gets you out for some ‘me time’.

My New Mums Fitness lady whom I was talking to today, admitted she didn’t find time to do any other exercise except walking with the baby.

Another client of mine, wanted to work on how she could do some strength work as well as fit in the dog walks which was her only time to get a run in.

Remember, ‘something is better than nothing’.

Another client felt she had to do a whole workout to feel she would benefit.  Lightbulb moment when I said to her just do 1 exercise, 2 – 3 sets of it – maybe taking 10 / 15 minutes.

She has then done something – rather than not do anything at all because it would take too long to do a full workout.

All of these are barriers to just getting on & doing what you want or need to do.  Like above – it is about your mindset and looking at exercise differently.

Other barriers to exercise / movement

  • Injured your knee – you can do upper body exercises
  • Injured your arms/shoulders – do lower body exercises
  • Got to walk the dog – every bench you come to do some squats or lunges. Or every 5 trees you see – do some press ups against it
  • Walking the buggy – as above, stop and do some squats or lunges or press ups at certain points in your walk. Baby will be ok in the buggy – or do some walking lunges whilst pushing your buggy.

Body weight exercises are still exercises

Many don’t think just doing body weight exercises will help them.  However, think again.

  • You will be pumping blood around your body
  • Doing 20 body weight squats either fast (pump arms too) OR very slowly will be working the muscles
  • It will still be impact for your bones and help bone density
  • If you haven’t much time – power walk up a hill. Fast up and slow down. Do this walking or running.
  • You can still do a short run – you don’t need to be out running for 30 – 60 mins. If you only have 15 minutes – do a quick warm up & then do 8 mins fast & hard then a little cool down.
  • If you are out walking with friends – do suggest walking a bit faster if you doodle a bit. Or say walk faster for a few mins then slower, faster, slower.

Think outside the box

Move the whole body and you will be working more muscle groups.

Here are a number of short/quick options.  Obviously, it has to suit you & your body.  If you have pelvic floor issues then you can still do fast exercise but with less impact – moving the arms & doing fast squats will still work your bones, muscles & heart.

Effective exercise when short on time

  • Hill sprints or power walks
  • Add squats, lunges, side lunges, burpees, press ups at trees/benches when walking or running
  • 15 min fast run (3 min warm up, either some quick sprints then recovery OR a 8 min fast paced run) Finish quick stretch
  • Upper body OR lower body exercises if an injury to either
  • Run up the stairs & walk down then 10x
  • Step ups on a park bench
  • Every break from a meeting – do some mobilisers
  • Squat jumps for 1 min on, 30 off then go again – for 5 mins
  • Static bike sprints – again 30 0n 30 off for 10 mins (do warm up & cool down)
  • Keep a band near the kettle – use it to do some band press or band rows whilst waiting for it to boil
  • Good old doing the teeth – balance on 1 leg, 1 leg squats etc
  • Put your gym kit on when you get up – to make you do something
  • Wear your trainers to work or dropping the kids off – make a detour to extend your walk before getting back to work
  • Check the diary – which days can you fit in a power walk at lunchtimes???

IF you want to move more and do something – you can, you just need to get your head into being able to fit it in.  You honestly DO NOT need to spend hours to get your body fitter and stronger.  Try some of these and let me know if they work for you.

Here is another blog I wrote – DO SOMETHING


Still not sure which fitness class is for you?

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