29 October 2021

How to get Menopause Advice


In case you haven’t noticed, it was World Menopause Day on Monday 18th November, which is also in the middle of Menopause Awareness month!  I am so pleased to see articles in many papers and magazines, to hear discussions on the radio – led by male presenters I might add, talking about the menopause.


Some of you may think ‘oh no, not the M word again’!!  If that is you – STOP and wonder why you are thinking that.  The thing is, the menopause WILL happen – fact!  We are told and taught about periods & the menstrual cycle, but we are not taught about menopause, which can occur for nearly 1/2 of a woman’s life!!

So stop, take note and be aware of what hormonal changes are happening.  As I always say, education and knowledge is SO important.

Finally, the Government is taking action – after all of the rallying and awareness campaigns by women’s menopause groups, they are finally looking at how to help women get easier access to menopause care!

I thought I would share some really informative websites, books and people to learn more about it.  So have a look below at menopause advice.

Menopause Advice

There seems to be so much out there now and sometimes it is difficult to know who offers the best perimenopause and menopause health advice.  So here are some which help explain things clearly:

An Australian women’s health network: https://www.jeanhailes.org.au/news/menopause-midlife-changes-free-health-articles-october-2017

A good general menopause advice website:  https://www.menopausematters.co.uk/

Helping campaign for change in the menopause advice  https://menopausesupport.co.uk/

Dr Louise Newson & the Menopause Dr have a new informative app:  https://www.balance-menopause.com/

Newson health factsheet https://www.newsonhealth.co.uk/resources/#factsheets

British menopause society  https://thebms.org.uk/  up to date research

Australian menopause society:  https://www.menopause.org.au/

Liz Earle has some good info on the menopause and well being:  https://lizearlewellbeing.com/?s=menopause

PLenty for you to dip into.  Books wise I can highly recommend a few:

Lara Briden:  Hormone Repair Manual

Dr Jen Gunter:  The Menopause Manifesto

Anne Henderson:  Natural Menopause

Jane Lewis: Me & My Menopausal Vagina

There are of course so many other books and websites out there but I do recommend these ones I have mentioned.  You can always look back at my menopause blogs too!

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