07 May 2022

Mental Health Awareness


Anxiety, depression, ADHD

There are so many different forms of mental illness and most scarily – very often it isn’t seen or recognised.

The whole point of the Awareness Weeks are to educated people. (https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/)

IF you think a friend/family member has become slightly more down or anxious or isn’t wanting to be in a social situation, then maybe talk to them or say you are there for them or suggest they talk to their GP.

A few things that have shown to help with depression or anxiety are:

  • Getting outdoors – no matter what the weather
  • Taking Vitamin D
  • Going for walks or doing some exercise
  • Eating a diet with more fruit & vegetables
  • Slow, deep breathing
  • Meditation – even 5 minutes
  • CBT or Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping)
  • Reflexology or acupuncture

Effects of unbalanced hormones….

Obviously, I work with women who can be affected by their hormones.  Unbalanced hormones can really trigger a feeling of loneliness, irritability or feeling low. really down & anxious.

This is where it is important to try and eat well – plenty of nutritious fruit, vegetables & healthy oils – omega 3 in nuts, Olive oil, seeds.

For me it is about trying to encourage women to see that there are others out there going through the same sort of thing.  Talking and groups of likeminded women can really help ‘some’ women.

I also really encourage women to get outdoors into nature. It obviously is sometimes easier said than done, but when you feel low, TRY taking yourself out into your garden,  the park, the woods – somewhere in nature.

I wrote this blog on Post Natal Depression back in 2018.  If you think you may have it or a friend has it, please read and share.  It has details of who to get help from too.

Most of all – support, love and listen to those around you!

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