Personal Training in Bristol

If you have had a child, you are always post natal!

This is the stage when you think you are no longer ‘post natal’ but you may feel you have never really ‘got my body back to full strength’ since having children 5 years ago!  You may be a runner or be back at spin or other fitness classes but it doesn’t feel right in your pelvic floor or you still feel you look pregnant and think it is time to do something about it. YES IT IS!! This is where I offer advice/classes or 1:1 personal training or refer you to a pelvic floor specialist like a Womens Health Physio or a Muscular skeletal specialist.  So, lets get sorted so you can go back to running or spinning harder !

I don’t think I ever would have recovered properly from having had the children without you. I really value all your knowledge, kind words and motivation. You do an amazing job!

– Laura

For more information or if you have any concerns or queries, please contact me.