Personal Training in Bristol

Your body is changing. Learn how to support it.

As you go through the menopause – and the peri-menopause before that – you’ll notice your body changing once again as a result of fluctuating hormone levels. You may find that the exercise routine you’ve enjoyed for many years is failing to keep the weight off, even though you’re not eating any differently. Lower oestrogen levels can also lead to pelvic floor issues and a drop in bone density.

This is not to time to neglect your body. You’ve been looking after everyone else for years, now it’s only fair to look after yourself for a change. My one-to-one personal training sessions give you the chance to address the issues that matter to you. You’ll benefit from a bespoke fitness plan that also includes nutritional and self-care advice to support your goals.

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Many of the classes I run for mums are ideal for supporting women going through menopause and peri-menopause — both groups are dealing with common factors such as hormonal changes, core weakness and pelvic issues. For more information on classes you might enjoy, visit our classes page.

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