25 May 2018

Healthy Foods & Meal Ideas


Vegan sources of protein

When we think of protein we think of it coming from mainly meat – yes that is true but there are also a lot of different healthy sources of protein which are a great alternative.  Whether you are a vegetarian, vegan or a meat eater you can all benefit from some of these alternative sources of protein as they  provide your body with the different amino acids our body needs.

I am not a fan of diets and I always advise ‘everything in moderation’, though I understand when people feel they have to totally cut something out or they will eat too much of it!! If you can really focus on getting a mixture of protein with lots of vegetables at your meals this will offer more nutritional benefits  –

I always have a minimum of 3 steamed, raw or baked vegetables for lunch and dinner & when making salads I have a massive salad with loads of different vegetables & protein.  Salads are great in the summer but if you get a little bored with your salads start getting more adventurous -you can add anything you want – I especially love to add pomegranate or bits of apple to my salads to add a twist!

Salad ideas: Grilled haloumi, grilled sweet potato with feta, quinoa with peas, sweetcorn, pine nuts & chives, add basil, coriander & parsley to your salads/meals, avocado & onion guacamole.  I boil a load of eggs and put them in the fridge for when I need them – use them on a salad with grilled tomatoes, grilled vegetables, avocado & nuts.  Salads can be a great, filling lunch so make sure there are lots of different vegetables and lots of protein – otherwise you will just get hungry and start snacking an hour later!

Another good tip is to buy the frozen berries as they are much cheaper than fresh and also offer as many vitamins and nutrients and sometimes more than fresh ones which sit in your fridge for ages!  Berries – redcurrants, black currents, raspberries, Logan berries & blueberries are great sources of anti-oxidants so again mix them up have with yogurt, blend with coconut water & frozen spinach in a nutri-bullet!

Finally, my all time favourite book is by James Wong – ‘How to eat better’ – telling you how to buy, store, cook and eat everyday foods to make them more nutritious and tasty!!

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