24 January 2019


These past few weeks I have met some lovely ladies who have come to me for a 1:1 assessment.  Each lady has a totally different birth story and a totally different body for me to assess and see what and how I can help her.

My work these days is so much more than it ever used to be when I started out – a personal trainer who got people fit but didn’t really go into depth of what that person really needed inside out.  Today, nearly 13 yrs later ……  I do very little of the ‘getting people fit’, but I do 100% look at them as a whole and from inside out! AND I LOVE IT!

I love the fact my knowledge has increased over the years ( I have really worked at it!)  and every time I meet a new lady I have to delve deep into my knowledge base to think about what that lady needs.  I am so much more hands on than ever before, being taught the effects scar tissue around our body, how massage and fascia release can help that person.

I had a lovely lady referred to me by a consultant this week and from what I could see her main problem stemmed from a big scar she had from when she was a child.  Who would have known the effects an operation 15 yrs ago could still have on her body!

I had another lovely lady this week, so enthusiastic and just so wanting to get back to exercise. She just wanted her abs to be checked and told yes go do sit ups etc.  By the end of the session she had understood why she wasn’t going to be doing any sits ups and actually how they will make her problem a lot worse if she did! She had deep core exercises to do instead!

Finally, I have also started my 1st Evening Holistic Core Restore Everywoman course this week. I have been running these courses during the day for years, but finally after many requests for an evening class I have. I LOVE IT!!! The difference it makes having 10 ladies there listening and not having to worry about baby crying with baby sitter!  I have their full attention and that whole hour is such a positive experience for all of us!

So, if you would like a 1:1 assessment or have an issue that has been niggling you for years – body, abs or pelvic floor wise then get in touch.  I am trying to fit in more 1:1 assessments as it is just one way I can support ladies who may then need referring on to the Womens Health Physio’s or an Osteo or a Physio.

If you want to learn about your body, to get stronger from inside out then sign up for my Holistic Core Restore course – even if you are peri-menopausal – the evening class is perfect for you.https://www.vickihill.co.uk/class/holistic-core-restore-everywoman/