22 July 2022

Women’s Health is about ALL women


Ok, so YES, GREAT, the menopause is finally getting the news it absolutely deserves.

However, I work in women’s health.  I work with women who have had a hysterectomy, have endometriosis, have PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), who have a prolapse, have a diastasis.  These are all women’s health issues which are only just being addressed.

Literally, in 2022 we are finally seeing a women’s taskforce being set up and commitment to improving the care women get.

I still feel one area that is neglected is the post natal care.  There are not enough midwives or women’s health physios to meet the demand, so women end up waiting for months to be seen.

I do hope that the new women’s health strategy will look at these issues. New mums get very little support, especially those with a potential prolapse or pelvic floor issues or a diastasis.  Some are lucky and their issues are picked up in the hospital before they leave, however a lot don’t.

New mums have a 6 week check with their GP.  GP’s don’t have much time, they are time poor and so the checks are now mainly about the new mother’s mental health and the baby.

If YOU are a new mum and want to have your pelvic floor checked as it doesn’t feel right, then demand it OR ask for a referral to a women’s health physio.  The same goes for if your tummy is doming down the middle, especially when you sit up.  (Have a look at my blog ‘Looking after the body as a new mum’)

So no matter what your issue is, make sure you do something about it.  Don’t think – “it’s nothing” or “they won’t do anything about it” you do need to be confident and ASK in a confident way, that you want to be seen!

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