23 October 2020

World Menopause Awareness Day 2020


Awareness & Education of the Peri to Post Menopause

Many of you who know me know that I LOVE to raise awareness of women’s health and what our wonderful hormones and bodily functions are going through during our lifetime!  I don’t need a ‘World Awareness Day’ to talk about the menopause, but it is of course a nice excuse to get more info out there to you all!!

Lets take the Whole-istic approach

The biggest thing I really, really want women to get is that we are ALL completely different and as I always say to new mums – they all have a completely different birth story.  Likewise, we all go through or react to the menopause completely differently – mentally and physically.  Some can manage it through their nutrition and exercise, others may need to think about HRT – it is an individual approach to suit YOU.

I don’t want to spend this whole blog talking about all the symptoms of menopause, because for one you can probably google them, but most importantly I am trying to make it my goal to educate women to EMBRACE the menopause and see it NOT as an illness but another part of women’s life cycle.

I spent the day yesterday with a group of the most amazing women – my network of women’s health practitioners that I really would not be able to do my job without.  During shut down we set up a supportive women’s health facebook page with a big focus on supporting new mums who were daunted by everything that was happening and not really getting the support they would usually have got – https://www.facebook.com/bristolwomanshealthsupport

So we met up for a delicious lunch and wow I had a sort throat by the end of our day as there were so many different areas that we were talking about.  We were discussing, educating each other from our different backgrounds, sharing educational best ‘reads’ and the best thing was we were all singing from the same song sheet (or in typical ‘me’ fashion, being one for getting letters and words muddled – “from the same spreadsheet”!! – they knew what I meant – LOL!).  We all left buzzing!

We talked Periods, teenagers and their menstrual cycle, there is more to the cycle than just the bleed.  We talked a lot about the menopause and about supplements and a wonderful quote from Anita, the nutritionist specialist – “I am a nutritionist but not YOUR nutritionist” and that was all around the importance of YOUR health history and knowing what you are lacking in or having too much of something.  This applies to supplements as well as HRT!

We all felt quite passionately that women realise that the menopause is a part of our women’s cycle of change, which starts when we 1st get our periods to perhaps childbirth through to the post menopause.  Not a single person has the same experience so WHY is it treated much the same – IF you are given HRT it is generic and you may just be given this amount to try and see how you get on with it!

Testing is something that can be done and honestly – to know what that person has been through and is now going through is an essential part of helping women in the menopause. Unfortunately, most of the time we have to pay for this service.  But look at it as a big investment in ourselves, so pay to get what is right for YOU.  Without knowing your levels of hormones then how do we know what we need??

Lets look at the whole picture – your nutrition, your energy and exercise levels, your family history, your mental health and then look at the symptoms and how YOU approach them.  Lets try and feel strong and educated and know about it rather than listen to the doom and gloom that is painted around it.

It can be a total new lease of life, a new you can emerge stronger and more content with oneself, but maybe it is time to actually embrace that and see how menopause can help make you a stronger, happier person – within and out!

Women’s Health Specialists

The women's health group.

For reference, my women’s health practitioners I am so grateful for are:

Helen Hodder – Women’s Health Physio – pelvic floor specialist (my go to person for anyone with uncertainty around what is happening to their pelvic floor) and Mommy MOT specialist – https://www.helenhodder.co.uk/

Anita Beardsley – Nutritionist Therapist – https://www.love-nutrition.co.uk/

Dominique Sakoilsky – therapist, healer, counsellor & just the most amazing listener and person https://www.dominiquesakoilsky.co.uk/

Juliana Housfield – Osteopath with a specialism in women’s health – http://osteopathybristol.com/

Ali Burlingham – Women’s wellbeing coach & fellow Holistic Core Restore® Coach  https://www.aliburlingham.co.uk/

Niamh Honey – Osteopath with a specialism in women’s Health – also at the Family Practice working with Juliana.  Unfortunately wasn’t able to join us yesterday but still a part of this group http://osteopathybristol.com/


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